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Hello Friends "Learn Words" today we will learn a little about the writing of Arabic?

As already explained in the introductory article on the language, there is a difference in spoken Arabic, but even within a dialect (spoken Arabic) the writing never changes, but if you have not read the article, we invite you to click here and understand better.

Let's start with the letters loose or Isolated?

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<

Arabic Letter


Letter Name

in Arabic


Correspondent in Portuguese


ا ألف (Alif) Almost an "Is"
ب باء (Ba) B
ت تاء (Ta) T
ث ثاء (Tha) Th of English
ج جيم (Jim) J English
ح حاء (Ha) H aspirate as "Hot" in Portuguese and English
خ خاء (Kha) As the Spanish J but a bit strong
د دال (Dal) D
ذ ذال (Dhal) Dh between teeth (Release wind between teeth) like the English “TH”
ر راء (Ra) Alveolar
ز زاي (Zai) Z
س سين Sin S (this sound does not change as it does in Portuguese)
ش شين (Chin) CH
ص صاد (Saad) S strong
ض ضاد (Daad) Strong D
ط طاء (Ta) Strong T
ظ ظاء (Za) Strong Z
ع عين (Ayn) Guttural (there is no such sound in Portuguese)
غ غين (Ghayn) R guttural, like the "r" French.
ف فاء (Fa) F
ق قاف (Qaf) K pronounced in his throat, does not vary the sound.
ك كاف (Kaf) As the "Q" in Portuguese.
ل لام (Lam) L
م ميم (Me) M
ن نون (Nuun) N
هـ هاء (Ha) H light aspirated as in Home
و واو (Wau) U
ي ياء (Ya) I

Solar and lunar letters

This theme is a point in Arabic grammar, solar and lunar letters are letters that change the sound of the article (أل) - Al (Remembering that this article always comes with the words) that corresponds to “Os, As, O, A” in Portuguese, depending on which letter it accompanies - Solar or Lunar - the L is spoken or hidden.

The Arabic alphabet comprises 28 letters, 14 which are solar and lunar 14, see:

Solar Letters - Huruf Al Shamsia:

ن ل ط ظ ص ض س ش ز ر د ذ ت ث

After winning article Al Arabic letters gain a Shadda  images thus indicating that doubled, and L loses its reading using only A.


ألنَّار - O Fogo - We would read "An-Nar" instead of "Al-Nar"

ألدَّار - The House - We would read “Ad-Dar” instead of “Al-Dar”
ألزَّيتون - The Olive - We would read “Az-Zaitun” instead of “Al-Zaitun”

Solar letters with AL (أل) always receive Shadda images warning us so oo L أل loses his reading.

Lunar Letters - Huruf Al Qamaria

ي و ه ك م ق ف غ ع خ ح ج ب ا

Unlike the letters Solares, Lunares do not carry Shadda and the reading of the article أل (al) remains intact.

ألفِيل - The Elephant - Al Fil
ألمِفتَاح - The key - Al Miftah
ألهِرّ - The Cat - Al Hirr

To fix:

Solar Letters: Duplicates the letter does not use the L of AL (أل) leaving only A (أ)

Lunar Letters: Do not duplicate letters and the reading of Al (أل) remains intact.

Uniting the Arabic letters:

Isolated letter

 Final Middle


ا ـا ـا ا
ب ـب ـبـ بـ
ت ـت ـتـ تـ
ث ـث ـثـ ثـ
ج ـج ـجـ جـ
ح ـح ـحـ حـ
خ ـخ ـخـ خـ
د ـد ـد د
ذ ـذ ـذ ذ
ر ـر ـر ر
ز ـز ـز ز
س ـس ـسـ سـ
ش ـش ـشـ شـ
ص ـص ـصـ صـ
ض ـض ـضـ ضـ
ط ـط ـطـ طـ
ظ ـظ ـظـ ظـ
ع ـع ـعـ عـ
غ ـغ ـغـ غـ
ف ـف ـفـ فـ
ق ـق ـقـ قـ
ك ـك ـكـ كـ
ل ــل ـلـ لـ
م ـم ـمـ مـ
ن ـن ـنـ نـ
ه ـه ـهـ هـ
و ـو ـو و
ي ـي ـيـ يـ

As you have already noticed, the Arabic has that strange writing lying all together, making the observer think "it is impossible to learn that!" well this article shows you reader that it is not impossible to learn, in this second table, it shows the position that the letters occupy (Start, middle and end - Arabic uses the order from right to left) depending on what place it occupies in a word, if you take an Arabic text and compare it with this table, you will be able to read (but to understand, then you will need to study vocabulary)

To close properly this article, I leave a video with the sound of Arabic letters.

Enough for today readers until the next !!!!