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Países em árabe

Arabic Countries

Hello Readers of Learn Words, in this article we will learn the names of some countries in standard Arabic, this vocabulary is

Transliteração do idioma árabe

Arabic language transliteration

Hello Readers of Aprender Palavras, today we are going to talk about the Transliteration of the Arabic alphabet, of course, Arabic

Partes do corpo humano em árabe

Human body parts in Arabic

Hello Readers of Learn Words! In this article we will learn parts of the human body in Arabic. This list is in alphabetical order and

Números em árabe #1

Arabic numbers # 1

Hello Readers of Learn Words, today we are going to learn some numbers in Standard Arabic. In this article we will focus on the numbers not on

Árabe Libanês

Lebanese Arabic

Hello Readers of “Learning Words” we are going to continue our articles on expressions in Arabic dialects, and today we will see a little

Cumprimentos em Árabe Padrão #1

Greetings in Standard Arabic # 1

Hello Readers of “Learning Words”, today we are going to learn how to greet in the Arabic language, as the flow of immigrants from

Alfabeto árabe

Arabic alphabet

Hello Friends of “Learning Words” are we going to learn a little about writing Arabic today? As we explained in the article

Árabe, Persa ou Urdu?

Arabic, Persian or Urdu?

صبح بخير, صبح بخير, صباح الخير ??????? And then I got to know the difference between them? Or does it seem to be the same thing?