Arabic insults and profanity

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Not everyone likes to swear, I myself don't like this society full of profanity and slang with sexual connotations. But in any language it is interesting to learn insults and swear words, both to curse and to know if no one is cursing you. With that in mind, we created this article talking about some swearing, swearing and insults in Arabic.

It is interesting to note that there are several languages ​​similar to Arabic. And we recommend that you already have a knowledge in the pronunciation and writing of Arabic to enjoy 100% of the list of insults below:

The table of insults, profanity and swearing and words and phrases of sexual connotation in Arabic have been translated from English to Portuguese, some expressions may not make sense in Portuguese.

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Classic Arabic insults

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Árabe Romanização
Animal يا حياون ya hayawan
Bunda طيز teez
Dog يا كلب ya kalba
Dog يا كلبة ya kalb
Pimp يا جرار ya jarrar
Shut up اخرسي akhrasi
Suck my dick مص زبي mus zibbi
Eat shit كل خرى kul khara
Stupid غبية ghabiya
Stupid غبي ghabi
Ugly وحشة waHsha
Ugly وحش waHsh
Son of a bitch بنت كلب bint kalb
Lick my ass الحس طيزي ilhas teezi
Cursed / lit blindness العمى al’ama
Shit خرى khara
My dick is in you عيري فيك ayri feek
eggs بيضان baythan
Penis زب zib
Prostitute شرموطة sharmoota
Bitch مره mara
May God kill you يقطع عمرك yaqta’ ‘omrak
Tits بز biz
Vagina كس kis

Egyptian Arabic insults

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese  Árabe egípcio Romanização 
Animal حيوان (ج) حيوانات Hayawaan [pl.] Hayawanaat
Beak خول (ج) خولات xawal [pl.] xawalaat
Pimp معرّص mi3arraS
From a bad family قليل\عديم الأصل ‘aliil/3adiim [pl.] ‘ulalaat il-aSl
Effeminate, sissies مخنث moxannas
Son of a bitch ابن الشرموطة ibn iš-šarmuuTa
Son of a bitch ابن القحبة ibn il-‘aHba
Son of a bitch ابن المتناكة ibn il-mitnaaka
Son of a bitch ابن الوسخة ibn il-wisxa
Son of pimp ابن العرص ibn il-3arS
Son of a lioness ابن اللبوة ibn il-labwa
Foda-se ينيك naak
Coarse, rude قليل\عديم الأدب ‘aliil/3adiim [pl.] ‘ulalaat il-adab
Uncivilized, barbaric همجي (ج) همج hamagi [pl.] hamag
Foolish أهبل – هبلة (ج) هبل ahbal – feminine form habla, [pl.] hubl
thief حرامي (ج) حرامية Haraami [pl.] Haraamiyya
Liar كذاب kaddaab
Shit خرة xara
Livestock (this is stupid and rude) بهيمة (ج) بهايم behiima [pl.] bahaayim
Disgusting سافل saafil [pl.] safala
Shameless قليل\عديم الحيا ‘aliil/3adiim [pl.] ‘ulalaat il-Haya
Simpleton, silly عبيط (ج) عبطاء 3abiiT [pl.] 3ubaTa
Dirty, filthy وسخ wisix
Viado علق (ج) علوق 3il’ [pl.] 3iluu’
Swindler نصاب naSSaab

I hope this article has cleared your doubts. Now you will know, when someone curses you, or says something ugly to you.