Arabic insults and profanity

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Not everyone likes to swear, I myself don't like this & nbsp; society full of swear words and sexually suggestive slang. But in any language it is interesting to learn insults and profanity, both to curse and to know if no one is cursing you. With this in mind we created this article talking about some curses, swear words and insults in Arabic.

It is interesting to note that there are several languages ​​similar to Arabic. And we recommend that you already have a knowledge in the pronunciation and writing of Arabic to enjoy 100% of the list of insults below:

The table of insults, swearing and swearing and sexually suggestive words and phrases in & nbsp; Arabic & nbsp; have been translated from English into Portuguese, some expressions may not make sense in Portuguese.

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Classic Arabic insults

PortugueseArabic Romanization
Animalيا حياونya hayawan
Dogيا كلبya kalba
Dogيا كلبةya kalb
Pimpيا جرارya jar
Shut upاخرسيakhrasi
Suck my dickمص زبيmus zibbi
Eat shitكل خرىkul khara
Son of a bitchبنت كلبbint kalb
Lick my assالحس طيزيteezi islands
Maldito / lit cegueiraالعمىal'ama
My dick is in youعيري فيكayri feek
May God kill youيقطع عمركyaqta '' omrak

Egyptian Arabic insults

Portuguese Arabic   EgyptianRomanization 
Animalحيوان (ج) حيواناتHayawaan [pl.] Hayawanaat
Beakخول (ج) خولاتxawal [pl.] xawalaat
From a bad familyقليل \ عديم الأصل‘aliil/3adiim [pl.] ‘ulalaat il-aSl
Effeminate, sissiesمخنثmoxannas
Son of a bitchابن الشرموطةibn iš-šarmuuTa
Son of a bitchابن القحبةibn il-'aHba
Son of a bitchابن المتناكةibn il-mitnaaka
Son of a bitchابن الوسخةibn il-wisxa
Son of pimpابن العرصibn il-3arS
Son of a lionessابن اللبوةibn il-labwa
Coarse, rudeقليل \ عديم الأدب‘aliil/3adiim [pl.] ‘ulalaat il-adab
Uncivilized, barbaricهمجي (ج) همجhamagi [pl.] hamag
Foolishأهبل - هبلة (ج) هبلahbal - feminine form habla, [pl.] hubl
thiefحرامي (ج) حراميةHaraami [pl.] Haraamiyya
Livestock (this is stupid and rude)بهيمة (ج) بهايمbehiima [pl.] bahaayim
Disgustingسافلsaafil [pl.] safala
Shamelessقليل \ عديم الحيا‘aliil/3adiim [pl.] ‘ulalaat il-Haya
Simpleton, sillyعبيط (ج) عبطاء3abiiT [pl.] 3ubaTa
Dirty, filthyوسخwisix
Viadoعلق (ج) علوق3il '[pl.] 3iluu'

I hope this article has cleared your doubts. Now you will know, when someone swears at you, or says something ugly to you.