Who we are?

Learn Words is a website with the objective of teaching several languages ​​for free, giving tips, suggestions for studying, and quickly increasing your vocabulary.

We are a team dedicated to creating content on a daily basis.



12247002_906110702803154_1138510382011476325_n Kevin Henrique 

Site administrator, content creator, web designer. I don't have much patience to study, I am currently dedicating my time in Japanese and English. I like Japanese culture and I'm the site creator Suki Desu. I am also the creator of an online course store called Digitalkw and a Quiz site.

I am responsible for the organization and administration of the website, Facebook page and marketing.

In 2016 I want to dedicate my time to music and to learn more about culture and languages. And in my opinion the best way to learn is to write.

12646983_101778030210601_6187455640875179254_nRodrigo Basilio

A language lover from São Paulo, no matter the language, the difficulty, or whether it is easy or difficult to find material for study, if I like the sound of the language, at least the basics I strive to learn. I have a YouTube channel for those who want to learn languages, it's called Be a polyglot – Be a polyglot. Learning a language goes far beyond the intellect, opens your keep to cultures and different ways people think, makes you more tolerant of cultures and customs … if you want my opinion if it is worth learning a language, well, I would say: “ VALLEY, AND A LOT! ”

10411106_1595915550675864_8777399007462332381_nAlisson A Candiotto

A polyglot from Santa Catarina and passionate about languages. I have devoted a decade to studying foreign languages.

Fluent in 6 languages, I have been studying 9 languages ​​over the years. using methods that immerse me in language and culture, I always choose a language for a reason: that has meaning for me and that makes a difference in my life … and they always bring me joy.

Knowing a language has always opened the door to something new, from a friendship to a job opportunity, reading different articles in the original language and the satisfaction of being able to communicate with people from other parts of the world and learn about different cultures. My challenges for this year (2016) will be to learn 3 new languages, Egyptian Arabic, Esperanto, Mandarin.