Sports in Portuguese and English - Vocabulary List

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In this article, we'll talk about Sports! We will share a complete list with sports in Portuguese and English. Hope you like it!

Translating sports is complicated, since most sports have not had a translation into Portuguese, being pronounced with their name in Portuguese and English or another language.

Another tricky thing is choosing the sports on the list, does wrestling get on the sports list? Is trivial games like chess a sport? That goes for opinion, but in this list we even put some unknown sports.

Make good use of this list of sports in Portuguese and English. We recommend using anki to help you improve and memorize the words in this article.

Esportes em inglês - Lista de vocabulário

List of Sports in Portuguese and English

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Sport Translation
Archery Archery
Shot put Shot put
Canopy Tree climbing
Athletics Track and Field
Athletics Athletics
Racing Motoring
BMX, bicicross BMX biking, bicycle motocross
Ballooning Hot air ballooning
Wheelchair basketball Wheelchair basketball
Baseball Baseball
Bocce Boccia
Bodyboard Bodyboarding
Boxing Boxing
Bungee jumping Bungee jumping
Kayak Kayaking
Canoeing Canoeing
Canoeing Canoe / Canoeing
Capoeira Capoeira
Cycling Cycling
Mountain biking Mountain biking
Running Sprint / Dash
Running Race
Cricket Cricket
Climbing Climbing (rock climbing, ice climbing)
Fencing Fencing
Wheelchair fencing Wheelchair fencing
winter sports Winter sports
Soccer Soccer
Football Football
Football 5 / Football 7 Football 5-a-Side / Football 7-a-Side
Artistic Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics
Goalball Goalball
Golf Golf
Handball Handball
Equestrianism Horse racing
Equestrianism Equestrian
Ice Hockey Ice hockey
Judo Judo
Javelin Throwing Javelin throw
Discus throw Discus throw
Hammer throw Hammer throw
Marathon Marathon
Athletic march Racewalking
Diving Underwater diving
Motocross Motocross
Swimming Swimming
Skydiving Parachuting, skydiving
Parkour Parkour
Skating Roller skating
Powerlifting (“weightlifting”) Powerlifting
Rappelling Abseiling
rowing Rowing
Wheelchair Rugby Wheelchair rugby
Pole vault Pole Vault
High jump High Jump
Long jump Long jump / Broad jump
Triple jump Triple Jump
Skateboard Skateboarding
Ski Skiing
Snowboard, snowboarding Snowboarding
Surfing, surfing, surfing Surfing
Archery Archery
Shooting Sports Shooting
Zipline Zip-lining
Triathlon, triathlon Triathlon
Sneakers Tenis
Table tennis Table tennis
Wheelchair Tennis Wheelchair tennis
Candle Sailing
Volleyball Voleyball
Seated volleyball Sitting volleyball
Free fly Freeflying
Chess Chess
Windsurfing, windsurfing Windsurfing

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