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Meet the teacher Mairo Vergara English course that has one of the highest approvals among its students in Brazil.

Quem não quer aprender inglês em pleno ano de 2016? Dificilmente você encontrará uma pessoa que não diz que o idioma inglês é muito importante para encontrar/candidatar a melhores empregos e ter uma melhor remuneração.

Unfortunately Brazil is one of the countries that has the largest number of English schools, franchises, and also one of those that least speak the language. According to studies we are in 38th number position in Portuguese and English proficiency.

Na época do colégio/escola ficávamos geralmente só no verbo TO BE e não aprendíamos nada. Não é triste ficar anos e não aprender a língua inglesa e principalmente tentar adivinhar qual palavra (geralmente esses eram os exercícios dos livros de inglês) vai naquela frase? Definitivamente isso não ajuda/funciona!

What can we do to learn English effectively?

You have no choice but to take charge of your education! You need to learn to be self-taught and study on your own. And to begin with, nothing better than taking advantage of the advantages that the internet has made possible; study the time, day, month you want and with discipline and dedication to achieve our goals.

It was thinking about this need that people have that Mairo Vergara, a former student of the Japanese language, decided to discover why he did not evolve in the language studied.

Who is Mairo Vergara?

Mairo VergaraIf you started studying alone or have already taken an English course, you are sure to have come across a video by Mairo Vergara that gives tips on how to learn English effectively.

Mairo as well as thousands of people got it wrong to study a second language.

He was studying Japanese for 4 years and got a scholarship in Japan for a year. It was then that he believed that just spending that time in another country would reach a super advanced level in the language.

He completely deceived himself and returned to Brazil with a basic Japanese and frustrated by not understanding the reason for having studied 4 years and not having reached the fluency so desired.

Was it then that you rethought the way you studied and also made an important decision, focus on English or Japanese?

It was then that he decided to focus all his efforts on English and started looking for methods on how to learn a new language very efficiently and less time than traditional models.

Not only did he achieve his goal, but he also learned to learn a new language. It was then that he decided to share all the knowledge he acquired when fluency in English arrived.

He also graduated in letters and spent 1 year teaching private lessons and then 4 years working exclusively as a translator. However, he was not happy with his work, because he wanted to pass on his knowledge to people, it was then that he decided to be an online teacher and created his website and channel on Youtube.

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To give you a sense of what valuable and quality your tips are. See the number of people who follow Mairo Vergara:

  • Over 1.1 million subscribers on your youtube channel.
  • More than 1.8 million people liked your Facebook page.
  • More than 50 thousand students.

English Course Content Mairo Vergara 4.0

Now let's talk about the content of the course that has openings twice a year, usually in the first months of the year and in the last.

  • The course serves both for people who are starting from ZERO or for those who already study and have no results.
  • You will have a powerful foundation for the English language in no time.
  • Stop thinking that you will never learn English because you don't have the gift or have a lot of difficulty.
  • You will learn 5 to 10 times faster than traditional methods.
  • Course has been updated and improved and is in version 3.0.
  • You will have an effective method developed by Mairo Vergara based on 12 years of study.

What is the method used in the MV English course?

The method is based on input and studying by reading and listening to a lot of native content. The teacher himself makes available all the content MASTIGADO so that you can study ENGLISH efficiently.

You will also use ANKI which is one of the most powerful tools that help you learn a new language and the most important thing to remember.

In summary you will have two important phases covered in the course:


Você aprenderá todos os métodos/técnicas e uma quantidade absurda de inglês.


You will study advanced texts, lectures, etc., to take your English level to the next level.

Testimonial from a student on the Mairo Vergara 3.0 course

Below you can follow a sincere testimony from a student of the course of Mairo Vergara 3.0:

How the Mairo Vergara 3.0 course works

As already mentioned, course openings are open twice a year, so you only have two opportunities to book your place.

To let you know when the enrollment for the course Mairo Vergara 3.0 starts, just stay tuned when the event made by Mairo called ENGLISH WEEKbecause after the event is over he opens the registration for his closed course.


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