English Mathematics - Terms and vocabulary

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Mathematics is one of the most important things in our life. If you want to learn English, it is essential to know the numbers, shapes and terms of mathematics. In this article we will see a list of vocabularies and mathematical terms in Portuguese and English.

First, we recommend that you read our article on numbers in Portuguese and English by clicking here. 

If you already know how to count and pronounce numbers in Portuguese and English, this article will be much easier to understand.

We also recommend reading our anki article, for you to learn the correct way to memorize vocabularies.

Matemática no Inglês - Vocabulário e termos matemáticos

English Math Vocabulary

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese  Inglês
to divide by divided by
add to add
addition addition
height height
cubed cubed
squared squared
arithmetic arithmetic
calculate to calculate
cylinder cylinder
circumference circumference
length length
cone cone
correlation correlation
cube cube
curve curve
calculation calculus
circle circle
decimal decimal
dimensions dimensions
share to divide
division division
diameter diameter
from above decimal point
axis axis
equation equation
ball sphere
statistic statistics
star star
fraction fraction
formula formula
geometry geometry
graphic graph
hexagon hexagon
equal to equals
width width
line line
straight line straight line
more plus
any less minus
multiply to multiply
multiplication multiplication
average average
whole number integer
even number even number
Prime number prime number
odd number odd number
octagon octagon
oval oval
paralelo / paralela parallel
Pentagon pentagon
percentage percentage
perimeter perimeter
pyramid pyramid
polygon polygon
Percent percent
probability probability
problem problem
proof proof
square square
lightning radius
square root square root
rectangle rectangle
solution solution
subtract to subtract / to take away
subtraction subtraction
tangent tangent
theorem theorem
total total
triangle triangle
times times / multiplied by
volume volume
algebra algebra
area area
angle angle

In addition, we will share a list of measures and weights.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
acre acre
centiliter centilitre
centimeter centimetre
gallon gallon
grass gram
hectare hectare
yard yard
lb pound
liter litre
subway metre
mile mile
milliliter millilitre
millimeter millimetre
Jaguar ounce
inch inch
foot foot
pint pint
kilo kilo
kilometer kilometre
tonne ton / tonne

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