Vocabulary of Beach, Sea and Coast in Portuguese and English

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Are you traveling to the coast, on a beautiful beach in an English speaking country? This article will help you by showing some words and phrases related to the beach, sea and coast in the Portuguese and English language.

Beach, sea and coastline in Portuguese and English - Vocabulary

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
On the beach At the beach
Sea Sea
Wave Wave
Bathers Bathers
Big wave Breaker
Dune Dune
Chain Current
Sunbathe Sunbathe
Sunset Sunset
Sandals Sandals
Sand Sand
Island Island
Lake Lake
Ocean Ocean
Port Port
 High tide High tide
 Low tide Low tide
Swimmer Swimmer
 Towels Towels
 Cooler Cooler
 Whale Whale
Sunscreen Sunscreen
 Shell Shell
Seahorse Seahorse
Beach chair Beach chair
Umbrella Beach umbrella
 Beach ball Beach ball
 Ball  Ball
 Trunks Swimming trunks
 Swimsuit Bathing suit
 Pan Shovel
 Bucket Bucket
 Sunglasses (os) Sunglasses
 Coast Coast
 Bay Bay
 Crab Crab
 Dolphin Dolphin
 Seal Seal
Starfish Starfish
 Fish Fish
 Shark Shark
 Piranha Piranha
 Jellyfish Jellyfish
 Water Water
 Pool Pool
 Saves-lives Lifeguard
 Surf board Surfboard
 Swim Swimming
Snorkel Snorkel
Surfers Sufers
To surf Surfing
Snorkeling Snorkeling
 Dive Diving

Vocabulário de Praia, mar e Litoral em Inglês

Phrases related to the sea, beach and ocean in Portuguese and English

Below we will see some phrases related to the beach and sea for you to talk among those present on the beach.

Does the beach have enough sand?
Is the beach sandy?

Can we swim here?
Can we swim here?

Do you have lifeguards?
Is there a lifeguard?

What time?
During what hours?

How do I get to the island?
How do I get to the island?

Can a boat take us there?
Is there a boat that can take us there?

Is it safe for children?
Is it safe for children?

Is it safe to swim here?
Is it safe to swim here?

The water is cold?
Is the water cold?

Can we dive here without danger?
Can we dive here without danger?

Is there a dangerous current?
Is there a dangerous undertow?

Is the current strong?
Is there a strong current?

What time is the tide high?
What time is high tide?

What time is the tide low?
What time is low tide?