Introduction to the Russian language

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The Russian language is part of the linguistic group belonging to the Indo-European language family, where it is divided into three other groups or subfamilies, Russian is in the so-called Eastern Slavic languages ​​and in that family is Ukrainian and Belarusian.

Where is Russian spoken?

It is the mother tongue of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and used widely, although not officially, in Latvia, Estonia and in the various other countries that formed the constituent republics of the extinct Soviet Union.

Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Serbian use the Cyrillic alphabet with some characteristic signs of each language, depending on where the Catholic Religion predominates, Latin writing is used and where the Orthodox Catholic predominates using Cyrillic writing. . As the article is focused on the Russian language, in future posts we will talk a little about the history of Cyrillic writing.


Russian alphabet

The Russian has 33 letters of which 21 are consonants and 10 are vowels and two signs have no sound. Let's get to know these Letters?

Uppercase Lowercase Name of the letters in Russian In Portuguese
А а а А
Б б Бэ B
В в Вэ V
Г г Гэ

G - like a cock, a cat there is no gi sound like “razor” but before gi it has a gui sound.

Д д Дэ

D - The sound of di is like that of the Northeast.

Е е Е Yeah, yeah
Ё ё Ё IO
Ж ж Жэ J
З з Зэ Z
И и И I
Й й И краткое i soon
К к Ка K
Л л Эл L
М м Эм M
Н н Эн N
П п Пэ FOR
Р р Эр R - Alveolar as in coRoa, pRata.
С с Эс s
Т т Тэ This sound does not vary as in Portuguese
У у У U
Ф ф Эф F
Х х Ха Kh
Ц ц Цэ Ts
Ч ч Чэ Tch
Ш ш Ша    Ch
Щ щ Ща   Chsch
  ъ твёрдый знак Hard signal
  ы Ы Y (i hard, never appears at the beginning of words)
  ь мягкий знак Mild sign
Ю ю Ю Iu
Я я я   Ia


In Russian the vowels  я, e, o suffer vowel reduction when they are in an unstressed position (ie the syllable is pronounced with less intensity) The Pronounced as The depending on the position it occupies in relation to the stressed syllable the same happens with the vowels я and and that is pronounced like i.


Russian has some characteristics in its alphabet, one in particular is the deafening of sound consonants at the end of words or before deaf consonants. that way the б sounds like P, the в like F, o г like K. o д like T, the з like S and o ж like Ch.

In future posts we will talk more about the harsh, mild and other Russian letters that deserve a detailed explanation.

Finally, I will leave this video teaching you the name of Russian letters and as a bonus, learn Russian handwriting (yes, in Russian too!) What do you think about writing your name in Russian and putting it in the comments?

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Until next time and до свидания (Da Svidanya - Bye)