French fruits and vegetables


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In this article we will get to know the fruits and vegetables in French. At first glance this vocabulary seems to be quite easy. However, there are some words that require some close attention.

We recommend that you have basic knowledge of French pronunciation so that you can learn the words correctly.

Portuguese French 
Fruit les fruits
Abacatel'avocat (un avocat)
Pineapple, pineapplel'ananas (an ananas)
Apricot, apricotl'abricot
Plumla prune
Bananala banane
Khakile kaki or la plaquemine
Cherry, cherriesla cerise
Coconutthe coconut noix
Figla figue
Raspberry, blackberryla raspberry
Guavala goyave
Watermelonla pastèque, le melon d'eau
Melonle melon
Strawberryla fraise
Kiwile kiwi
Tangerinela mandarine
Orangel'orange (une orange)
Lycheele litchi
Green lemon)la lime
Lemon (yellow)le citron
Applela pomme
Papayala papaye
Mangola mangue
Waitla poire
Peachla pêche
Datela datte
Grapele raisin
Vegetables Les légumes
Pumpkin, jerimumla citrouille
Pumpkinla courge
Zucchinila courgette
Celeryle celeri
Leekle poireau
Artichokel'artichaut (un artichaut)
Lettucela laue
Garlicl'ail (masculin)
Potatopomme de terre
Eggplantl'aubergine (une aubergine)
Broccolile brocoli
lettucela laituee
Cabbage or cabbagele chou
Carrotla carotte
Cauliflowerle chou-fleur
Peaspetit pois
Cornle maïs
Turniple navet
Cucumberle concombre
Porrole poireau
Cabbage, cabbagele chou
Tomatoes)the tomato
Soyle soy
Pods or beansharicot

Some sentences: 

Elle mange une pomme
She eats an apple

Les rasins sont blancs
The grapes are white

Les poires sont mures
The pears are ripe

Il achète des bananes
He buys bananas

I hope this article has helped you learn the planets in French. As an exercise, I leave you to comment on phrases in French involving fruits and vegetables. Finally, let's leave a video:



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