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Os Melhores Livros de Francês

The Best French Books

To learn French it is necessary to have a basis and study material. Thinking about it, the Aprender Palavras site will present

Partes do Corpo Humano em francês

Human Body Parts in French

In this article we will learn parts of the human body in French. This list is in alphabetical order and has the main

Cumprimentos em Ucraniano

Ukrainian Greetings

Hello readers of Aprender Palavras, in this article we will learn some greetings in Ukrainian, if you are learning this beautiful language,

Alfabeto Ucraniano

Ukrainian Alphabet

Hello Readers of Learn words, in this article we will get to know the Ukrainian alphabet and its history, whether you study or studied

Cores em Espanhol

Colors in Spanish

Hello readers of Learn words, in this article we will increase our vocabulary in Spanish by knowing some colors and some expressions

Cumprimentos em Coreano #1

Korean Greetings # 1

Hello “Learn Words” Readers, are we going to learn how to greet in Korean? In this article we will see a little about the greetings

Idiomas Tonais #2

Tonal Languages ​​# 2

Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras” in this article we will give Sequence of tonal languages, in case you didn't read our first article,

Idiomas Tonais - #1

Tonal Languages ​​- # 1

Hello Readers Learning Words !!! the languages ​​that use tonal sounds or other sounds that are not common with

Uma lista completa de idiomas

A complete list of languages

Have you ever wondered how many languages ​​there are in the world? In total there are more than 7000, among these are thousands

Esperanto - Um idioma Planejado!

Esperanto - A planned language!

Saluton, did Kiel see enough? Did I see Esperanton parolas? What's ??????? Hello Readers Learning words, imagine that you were anywhere

Cumprimentos em Russo - Parte 1

Greetings in Russian – Part 1

Hello Readers of “Learning Words” today we are going to start greetings in this language that frightens, but is soft. Well, let's go?

Sistema solar e planetas em Coreano

Korean solar system and planets

Hello Learn Words friends, in this article we are going to learn the name of the planets and some expressions in the Korean (한국어) Hangul language.