How to become a self-taught person?

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Self-taught are those people who have the ability to learn alone, through their own effort. It is not easy to be self-taught because it requires willpower, reasoning and a good memory.

Not everyone is able to be self-taught, has no facility to learn or memorize things, nor are they able to find and reorganize content. In this article I will leave you some tips on how to improve your self-learning in languages ​​and other areas of life, so you will become a true self-taught person.

Becoming an independent self-taught

The important points of the tips will be highlighted:

It is necessary curiosity and willpower to become a self-taught person, you need to go for it. Be a curious person, make questions about everything and run after the answers.

Read, watch and absorb content strangers, try to venture into genres you don't usually enjoy. If you are not used to reading, it will be difficult to be self-taught. If you don't like watching long sitcoms, or things rich in culture, it will also be difficult.


If you think that a self-taught person simply learns new things out of the blue, you're wrong. You must study the basics always study what you already know. Take tests, challenge yourself!

Do everything correctly, be disciplined, don't leave things for later. One of the greatest enemies of a self-taught person is procrastination. Meet all the deadlines you set, make your yes mean yes.

Stay online! It is on the internet that most people have become self-taught, do research, browse forums and study groups, watch videos and so on.

You need to have confidence in itself, and assess your skills, be realistic and accept your limitations. You need to motivations, manage your time well and rest. Even your diet can influence your learning.

Can't a self-taught person depend on other people?

People think that to be self-taught is to be totally independent, this is very wrong! To become a self-taught person you will depend on other people.

To become a self-taught person you must learn from other people, listen to your elders, observe other people's habits and customs, and you will probably need a mentor or leader to move on in your life.

Como se tornar um autodidata?

You must meet with people, share your knowledge and learn. Participate in lectures, seminars, conferences, webinars, hangouts and etc.

There is no such thing that self-taught people have to be totally independent, I have my mentors, I follow their steps from a distance and in my own way. I follow your tips, your study methods, both in learning and at work.

But I don't have that much knowledge

Do you think you have no ability to memorize and learn on your own? Do you have a weak memory? Have you ever thought about having the Renato Alves as your mentor, and train your memory?

If you think you are not able to learn or study alone, you can have a mentor to help you on this path of being independent. Online language courses often teach a method of study where you become independent.

One thing is certain, being self-taught requires dedication, you cannot depend on others to learn, even if you take a course, your mentors will not be helping you all the time, and learning a language requires dedication 25 hours a day.

To conclude, I will leave some articles below that can help you become a self-taught person: