What should be the priority when studying a Language?

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How do you study your language? What is most important to you when studying a language? How do you organize and prioritize your studies? What is more important in language learning: speaking, reading, writing or listening?

Thinking about these questions, today we wrote an article saying what should be your priority when studying a language. Remembering that we are only giving a suggestion of study, we are not saying that this is the correct way to learn, but it is what we believe.

Listen and Absorb

This should be our top priority when studying a new language. If we don't listen, we won't be able to read, speak or write. It is a big mistake for students to leave content absorption in second place.

A child is exposed to the language of the environment in which he lives for 24 hours. Only in this way, she is able to absorb content and learn to speak, even before going to school.

So if you study a language, watch movies and series, listen to podcasts, songs and dialogues, talk to foreigners and listen and absorb as much content as possible! That should be your top priority!

Qual deve ser a prioridade ao estudar um Idioma?

Read and Learn

Our second highest priority when learning a new language is reading. By reading as much content as possible you learn words, grammar, pronunciation and even writing.

But you must not just read and absorb nothing. It is necessary memorize and don't forget, then read the texts more than once, search for expressions that you don't understand, and use memorization tools if phrases like anki.

You can also sing songs, so you can read and listen at the same time. And yes, you will read and forget, you will end up not understanding most words, but keep reading as much as possible automatically with time, you will learn and understand.

Talk and chat

Our third priority must be speech and conversation. But it is automatically used in conjunction with reading and listening.

When reading and listening, always speak! Repeat the audio, sing the songs, and read the texts aloud. Don't be ashamed to speak to foreigners, even talk to people who don't understand the language and don't be ashamed to speak to yourself.

The more you speak the more you will learn. Without a good conversation you may find it difficult to hear and read, and vice versa. So conversation and speaking is just as important as reading and listening. With it you have everyone at your fingertips.

Qual deve ser a prioridade ao estudar um Idioma?


Writing is essential, but it is not the most important. Some schools prioritize writing so much, making you write thousands of texts, and it ends up delaying your learning.

Even if you are learning different writing like Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Arabic. If you prioritize reading, speaking and listening, you will automatically learn to write.

Not to mention that writing today is rarely used. Most people are typing rather than writing. And as a second language, depending on the person, sometimes you never need to write a text on paper.


Prioritizing your language learning is really important. In the past I used the traditional method to learn ideograms, writing them many times on a sheet, it never helped me to memorize them. Only when I prioritized reading, did my learning accelerate quickly and I was able to memorize various ideograms.

In my opinion, the most important thing is content absorption. Grammar, writing, verbs and other small details are important, but they don't deserve as much attention. When studying languages ​​follow these tips that you will automatically learn everything else in a quick and practical way.

Many private teachers are using this tactic to teach students. This is the fastest way to learn a new language. And what do you think of this method? Do you think it is important to prioritize language learning?