How to Double Your Learning in Languages ​​and Others

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Our mind has the ability to learn and memorize up to 20 new words a day. This capacity can be doubled in situations that require the need for learning.

In today's article we will help you to double your learning in the Language or other areas of life, with small tips that you should put into practice.

Create the need to learn

Our mind doubles learning when we need it. For example: if we live in a foreign country, where everyone speaks a certain language, our brain will double the learning of that language, because of the extreme need for communication.

But do you want to learn a foreign language but don't live in the country? You must create an environment where this need to speak in a certain language is necessary. Most people spend the whole day listening to music, texts, watching videos in other languages. This is great, but also try to get in touch with the foreign language, through social networks, apps, skype and etc. Exists many websites and applications who do an online exchange with people from other countries.

Have Willpower

If you are 100% willing to learn something new, your result will be 100% positive. It is no use just studying “under pressure” or “need”, it is necessary to have willpower, so that we can double our results. Just dedicate yourself 100% to your goal, your brain will better absorb the content studied. Be careful of the great enemy of learning, procrastination.

Keep focus

If you want to double your learning, you must make sure of the most important things. We’ve already said that if you don’t have focus, you will not be able to memorize the things you learn. What can I do to stay focused?

Choosing a quiet environment, and sitting in a comfortable position, will help you stay focused during your studies. It is very common, when reading or studying something, other thoughts that nothing has crossed our minds. Do not get attached to them, let them pass and resume concentration. Try to reflect, and see what gets in your way or takes away your attention while studying. It is not easy to stay focused, sometimes a little exercise, or having goals in mind will help you.

Simplify - Focus on what's important

Getting to the point is essential because we don't have all the time in the world, because of our busy and busy lives. Therefore, the important thing is to simplify the way to get faster at what you want. What many language students do to simplify their study is to focus only on learning words and phrases, and prioritize reading and absorbing content as much as possible. So automatically, grammar and other complicated things will be learned automatically.

Really, anyone who tries to focus on writing and grammar, is delaying and hindering their learning. Even today, most Brazilians fluent in Portuguese know almost nothing about Portuguese grammar, but they manage to follow the rules and have a common dialogue. Focusing on small details of another language instead of simplifying them can even make it difficult for native speakers to converse.

Mental trainings

I am no expert at training the mind. But there are many techniques, trainings that can help your mind to memorize and learn faster. A specialist in this area is the Renato Alves. You can visit his website clicking here. It offers you free short video lessons, which will teach you techniques for memorizing and absorbing content.

I hope you enjoyed these little tips. Now it's up to you to dedicate yourself and apply these suggestions to improve and double your learning in languages ​​and any field of life.