How to get into the habit of reading?

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Reading is a gift that only humans have. Unfortunately, many did not have the opportunity to learn to read, perhaps because they did not attend school. But most people who have learned to read, do not use this gift regularly.

With the ability to read, we can easily locate something, receive instructions and most importantly “Knowledge“. For this reason, your progress in life and language learning depends a lot on your reading habits.

But many hate to read, can't take a book full of text and read it completely. What can we do to change this habit? In this article we will examine some tips to help you create the habit of reading.

Get rid of bad habits

Unfortunately, the internet, comic books, television, and many other things have caused many people to neglect reading. Watching television and reading little can hamper the development of reading, the ability to express yourself well and the ability to reason clearly.

But you may be thinking: I watch movies and TV series, comic books have a lot of text, on the internet I'm always talking and reading on websites. But is this helping your reading habit? We have to select what we do, just as we do with food.

Como adquirir o hábito de ler?

It is much easier to do something we like. If we don't have the patience to read big books, or if we can't study a subject, reading a language book, watching movies and reading comics will not help us to get into the habit of reading, let alone waste time on social networks.

It is not wrong to do these things, in fact they are great, as well as pizza, hamburgers and a barbecue, if possible we would eat every day. But if we do these fun things in an uncontrolled way, it will damage our health, and it will become more difficult to do something we don't like. It is not easy to get rid of bad habits, for that we must create new habits.

Creating the habit of reading

The bad habits mentioned above, in reality are good habits if used in a controlled way, they help us and train our reading. But there are a number of other things you can do that are most helpful in helping you to get into the habit of reading.

You can write, or create a blog. To write articles on a blog, you will need to research and read a lot, in addition to being a job option. Another thing that can help with reading is listening to music. If you want to read a text but find it boring, put a background sound, preferably without a voice, just the touch, this can help you focus on reading, but it can cause the reverse.

Another thing that can help you in reading and speaking is reading aloud, reading in groups or in public. It is easier when we are reading a text to someone, so we train our reading, pronounce it, and still end up afraid to speak in public.


You can also visit libraries, bookstores or other environments that will help you to get into the habit of reading. You can also create your own reading space, preferably one that is well lit, airy and comfortable.

Imagine yourself in the scenarios while reading. Try to visualize the characters and participate in the story and emotion. Getting involved with the text will help you memorize the subject and understand the reading. But be careful, the mind may wander while reading. You may be reading, but the thoughts will be elsewhere.

Read with the right motivation

Another thing that really hinders our taste for reading is the lack of motivation. It is very common, when we read a text without interest, not to remember anything afterwards. In addition, if we read with the wrong motivation, we can draw completely wrong conclusions or misunderstand what we read.

If we are not motivated, it is very difficult to enjoy reading. People like to read books because the stories hold them. So you should identify something that you like, even if it is in an area that you don't like, like school or languages. To get into the habit of reading, try to look for topics that catch your eye. If you don't like to read because you find large texts, look for a shorter text, such as short stories, poems and chronicles.

One of the most difficult things is taking the time to read. We need to do good planning to prevent other activities from interfering with our reading. Do you usually set aside time for reading? Do you prefer to read in the morning or at night? The secret to getting into the habit of reading is regularity.

Just the fact that you can read this whole article is proof that you can get into a good habit of reading. Keep reading the articles on our website and you will learn a lot and get into the habit of reading. If you have trouble memorizing what you are reading, we recommend memorization article or the our friend Renato Alves website.