5 memorization techniques

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In this article I will talk about 10 memorization techniques to help you with your language learning or any other subject. In fact, these memorization techniques will help in all areas of life. I already wrote an article talking how not to forget the things we learned, this article can also be of great help.

1 - Reading and listening is not enough

It is very common for people to read or listen to texts in the background trying to memorize it, but that is not enough. It is much easier to memorize or learn something when you are in a group, listening to someone talking or teaching someone.

It is very easy to lose focus when reading or listening to audio. Try to change the way you do it, do it in a group, try to repeat what is read, the brain does not like to memorize boring things to do, then make the environment more attractive.


2 - Make unusual scenarios

We rarely remember routine and monotonous events. But when something unusual, absurd, unimaginable happens, it can stay in our head for life, and we always remember what happened. So, if you don't want to forget something, the memorization technique is to transform that occasion, environment or subject into something unusual.

Think of unlikely things that can happen with what you want to memorize. Unfortunately, we cannot create unusual scenarios like those that appear in our daily lives. This is another reason for you to study in groups and create unique experiences. Studying in an unusual way can help you memorize and tell others about it. It is difficult to explain, but think about turning your studies into something unusual.

3 - Focus on something of interest

It is much easier to memorize subjects that interest you. Most people who like a particular subject or subject, find it very easy. This way, even if you are not interested in any subject, but need to memorize it, look for any factor or something within it that is of interest to you. If you are learning a language, learn what you like first, so it will be easier to learn the rest.

It is very common to be distracted from something we don't like, so be careful. Motivation is a key factor for memorization, if you are not motivated or have no interest in the subject, it will be difficult to memorize it.


4 - Be prepared to memorize

Being prepared to memorize involves applying various memorization techniques. You must focus on the subject, avoid distractions that get in the way of your studies. Get out of social media, hang up the phone, and stay away from things that take your attention away.

You also cannot tire your mind and body, so rest. Take breaks between studies, avoid studying more than 45 minutes without stopping, this is the maximum that a person can stay focused. Have all the study objects at your fingertips, avoiding wasting as much time as possible during your studies.

5 - Studying as much as possible

To memorize, you must absorb as much as possible. The best time to absorb content is when you get up, when your mind is rested and ready to work. Sleeping is also a great time, even though your body is tired. These are the best times to study, your brain is receiving substances that help in learning.

Connect what you learn with what you already know, this will help to expand your mind. Connect words with others, study and absorb content. In addition to studying, you must observe and understand the subject, we will hardly memorize something without understanding it.

Test yourself and see if you're learning. Ask questions of something you recently asked, see if you can remember. You will be impressed to see how sluggish our brain can be if we don't train it. So put all these memorization techniques into practice!


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I hope you enjoyed the article. If you know other memorization techniques, share in the comments. Help us grow and share this article with friends. Let's all learn words together.