Tonal Languages ​​# 2

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Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras” in this article we will give Sequence of tonal languages, in case you didn't read our first article, Click here.

In the previous article we talked about Cantonese and Xhosa (or xosa), today we are going to talk about three languages ​​of the Sino-Tibetan family, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.


As we explained in the introduction of the Chinese language, it has 4 tones and its transcription or romanization is done by Pinyins, it uses monosyllabism a lot.

let's see some of the pronunciation and the pinyins?

It's 6 minutes, but it's the best time for those who want to learn Chinese.

Thai - ภาษา ไทย (Phasa thai)

Official language of Thailand, uses a writing system of the Laotian family, and those who are literate in Tai understand Laotian well or those who are literate in Laotian understand Tai well, since both languages ​​share a lot of words. Tai uses the General Royal Thai Transcription System (RTGS) to romanize or transcribe its letters to Latin script.

The Tai language has 5 tones and as most Asian languages ​​have particles, let's learn a few expressions of that language and its tones?


Vietnamese - tiếng Việt, tiếng Việt Nam, or Việt ngữ

Official Language of Vietnam contains words of Chinese origin, a curiosity is that in Vietnamese before Chinese was used as writing, this changed in 1910, the language has 6 tones and its writing is Latin with variations “like some accents and scratches between the letters".

Let's see some tones of that language:

Vietnamese expressions

For today it's just Readers, I hope this article helps you decide to learn some tonal language, I showed you just a few but it will certainly help you, Until next time !!!!.