Chinese Dialogue # 1

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Hello “Learn Words” readers, will we learn simple phrases in Chinese? this article is based on videos made from the book New Practical Chinese Reader (新 买 用 汉语 课本) an excellent tool in Portuguese and English-Chinese for those who want to learn Chinese, this book is just the thing!

Let's start? our characters are:

  • 丁力波 (Ding Libo)
  • 陆雨平 (Lu Yüping)
  •  林娜 (Linna)

The videos have repetition and there are two situations, in the first we will learn to greet and in the second we will learn to ask how a person is doing.

Situation 1: 第一 课文 (Dì yī kèwén - translation: First text)

: : 力 波 , 你好。 (Lùyǔpíng: Lìbō, nǐ hǎo.)

力 波 : 你好 , 陆雨平。 (Lìbō: Nǐ hǎo, Lùyǔpíng.)


你好 (nihao) = Hi, Hello [The ideograms mean: Você (You) 好 (Well)] So, Chinese people literally ask, "Are you okay?"

你 好吗 (nihao ma): = Are you okay? [吗 (ma) at the end is a question particle]

Situation 2: 第二 课文 (Dì èr kèwén - translation: Second text)

力 波 : 林娜 , 你 好吗? (Lìbō: Línnà, nǐ hǎo ma?)

: : 我 很好 , 你 呢? (Languages: Wǒ hěn hǎo, nǐ ne?

力 波 : 也 很好。 (Lì bō: Yě hěn hǎo.)


我 很好 (wo hen hao) = I'm fine [我 (Me) 很 (Very) 好 (Well)]

你 呢 (ni ne) = And you?

也 (ye) = Also

I hope you can learn these expressions with this excellent tool, for today just do not forget to continue with us to learn more… 再见 !!!