Brazilian Portuguese x Portugal - Vocabulary

Escrito por

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Portuguese spoken in Brazil and Portuguese spoken in Portugal have some different and curious words and expressions. In this article we will look at some of those differences that may seem strange or funny.

The differences

Vocabulary: Many words in everyday use in Portugal are unknown or rarely used in Brazil, some of these words originated from indigenous and African languages.

Phonetics: The pronunciation in Portugal is faster and drier, so that some words end up losing the pronunciation of some letters. Another difference is that the Portuguese tend to lengthen certain vowels, making them diphthong and changing their pronunciations.  Example: esp'rança senhoire (sir), baijo (kiss).

Semantics: Many words have different meanings in each country. Boy = young (in Brazil) and employed (in Portugal).

Others: There are some differences in the conjugation of verbs, grammar, preference in syntax and morphology.


Portuguese from Portugal is very beautiful, fast and interesting. I like to use Portuguese words to make Brazilian Portuguese more different and confuse people. Why don't you do the same?

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Brazil Portugal
 banheiro bathroom
bus bus
Hello I am
cell phone mobile phone
cool cool
bus stop stop
juice juice
Breakfast breakfast
bullet candy
ice cream ice cold
bar tavern
snack bar coffee
papaya papaya
asphalt tar
concrete concrete
farm fifth
Brown brown
Toll toll
to drive drive
kid kid
Xerox photocopy
screen screen
vase toilet
sock six
precinct squad
enamel varnish
flight attendant flight attendant
shanty town slum
cup cup
sandwich sandwiches
stapler stapler
handout greasy
box, canister cunt
panty underwear
conversível convertible
fridge fridge
wonderful jewel bestial
cold constipated
Patricia Betinha
answering machine answering machine
diesel diesel
jacket windbreaker
beetle beetle
lawn turf
shower shower
french bread carcass
corner (football) corner kick

I hope this article has helped you to learn a little bit of the vocabulary of another country that uses the same language.