Numbers in French - Count in French

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Do you know the numbers in French? Do you know how to count in French? In this article we will see a vocabulary list about numbers in French.

There are two ways of saying numbers. The first is name, used to speak of quantity that can be counted as number of things, people and objects. The second is a number, used to refer to a number that are elements of a series, such as phone number, places and passport.

French numbers may seem confusing at first. Stay tuned for the following curiosities and facts:

  • From the seventeen the numbers are formed using the 'ten-seven' model (dix-sept), 'ten-eight' (dix-huit) and so on;
  • At dozens and the units are joined by a hyphen;
  • The number seventy is expressed by 'sixty-ten' (soixante-dix). Then continue with 'seventy-eleven' (soixante-eleven);
  • The dozens have specific names from ten to sixty: dix (10), vingt (20), trente (30), quarantine (40), cinquante (50) and soixante (60);
  • The number eighty is formed by 'four times twenty' (quatre-vingts);
  • The number ninety translated means “four times twenty-ten” (quatre-vingt-dix);

Números em francês - Contagem em francês

Remembering that we do not recommend learning French words in isolation. The best way to learn is by creating phrases and using a memorization system like anki. I hope you like the list of numbers in French:

Numbers in French

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Meaning French
zero zéro
one, one un, une
two deux
three trois
four quatre
five cinq
six six
Seven sept
eight huit
nine neuf
ten dix
ten dix
eleven onze
twelve douze
thirteen treize
fourteen quatorze
fifteen quinze
sixteen seize
seventeen dix-sept
eighteen dix-huit
nineteen dix-neuf
twenty vingt
twenty vingt
twenty one vingt et un
twenty two vingt-deux
thirty trente
forty quarante
fifty cinquante
sixty soixante
seventy soixante-dix
seventy-one soixante et onze
eighty quatre-vingts
eighty one quatre-vingt-un
ninety quatre-vingt-dix
ninety one quatre-vingt-onze
one hundred cent
one hundred one cent un
two hundred deux cents
two hundred and one deux cent un
five hundred cinq cents
thousand mille
a thousand and one mille un
two thousand deux mille
five thousand cinq mille
a million un million
one billion un milliard

I hope you enjoyed the article. Did you learn numbers in French? Finally, I will leave other related articles and some recommendations: