Medicinal vocabulary in Portuguese and English - Hospital and diseases

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In this article we will see a list of medicinal vocabulary in Portuguese and English, which also includes hospital vocabulary in Portuguese and English and diseases in Portuguese and English. We have also separated some hospital phrases for you to manage when you are sick in an English speaking country.

We recommend using the page finder (CTRL + F) to find the words you want. This list of plants in Portuguese and English is in alphabetical order and can be confusing due to the mixture of flowers and trees.

We recommend using anki or other memorization tools to have good results with this list of plants in Portuguese and English. We do not recommend learning English with isolated wordsBut you can create sentences with the list below.

Medicinal vocabulary in Portuguese and English

The vocabulary list below includes all kinds of medicine, body parts, terms, symptoms and other things related to medicine.

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General Terms General Terms
surgery surgery
X-ray X-ray
surgeon surgeon
anesthetist anaesthesiologist
anesthetic anaesthetic
medicação / medicamento medication
blood blood
blood vessels, arteries and veins blood vessels, arteries and veins
blood analysis blood test
on an empty stomach on an empty stomach
uma placa de oclusão / uma tala a splint
heal to cure
deal with to treat
treatment schedule treatment planning
Query appointment
prescrição / receita prescription
antibiotics antibiotics
anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory
analgesic pain killer
injection injection
Special Senses Special Senses
smell smell
heard hearing
paladar / gosto taste
balance balance
View sight
tact touch
General Body General Body
head head
eye eye
nose nose
ear ear
mouth mouth
neck neck
shoulder shoulder
arm arm
forearm forearm
pulse wrist
hand hand
fingers fingers
trunk torso
ribs ribs
abdomen abdomen
back back
column spine
bowl hip
thigh thigh
tail bottom
knee knee
leg leg
ankle ankle
foot foot
toes toes
General Problems, Signs and Symptoms General Problems, Signs and Symptoms
cancer cancer
diabetes diabetes
allergies allergies
bone fractures bone fractures
“Whip strike” whiplash
Repeated Strain Injury (RSI) Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
inflammation inflammation
migraine migraine
the flu influenza
“Flu” (to describe “not feeling well”) “flu” (to describe “feeling unwell”)
pain pain
pain ache
prurido / comichão itching
feel dizzy to feel dizzy
fever fever
goosebumps chills
edema / inchaço swelling
insomnia sleeplessness
paresthesias pins & needles
Respiratory System Respiratory System
throat throat
lungs lungs
shortness of breathe breathlessness
wheezing due to wheezing wheezing
cough cough
mucus phlegm
asthma asthma
bronchitis bronchitis
collapsed lung collapsed lung
Cardiovascular system Cardiovascular System
heart heart
lungs lungs
artery artery
veins veins
valve (s) valve(s)
blood group blood group
Stroke (stroke) stroke (cerebral vascular accident)
heart attack heart attack
swollen legs swollen legs
high blood pressure high blood pressure
palpitations palpitations
chest pain chest pain
Digestive System Digestive System
throat throat
esophagus oesophagus
stomach stomach
small intestine small intestine
large intestine large intestine
gallbladder gall bladder
pancreas pancreas
liver liver
straight rectum
feces faeces
digestion digestion
peristaltic movements bowel movement
Deglutition swallowing
emesis vomiting
nausea nausea
constipation constipation
diarrhea diarrhoea
ulcer ulcer
hernia hernia
gallstones gall stones
Nervous system Nervous System
nerves nerves
brain brain
spinal-cord spinal cord
radiating pain radiating pain
emerging pain shooting pain
progressively stronger pain progressively worse pain
burning sensation a burning pain
paresthesias pins and needles
epilepsy epilepsy
multiple sclerosis multiple sclerosis
Parkinson's syndrome Parkinson’s disease
Urinary Tract Urinary System
kidney kidney
bladder bladder
urine urine
smell odour
color colour
infection infection
kidney stones kidney stones
urinary incontinence urinary incontinence
Reproductive System Reproductive System
penis penis
testicles testicles
sperm sperm
breast breasts
vagina vagina
uterus uterus
menstruation menstruation
Fallopian tubes fallopian tube
pregnancy pregnancy
egg egg
infertility infertility
erectile dysfunction loss of erection
discharge discharge
Childbirth Giving Birth
provoked birth induced labour
bursting waters waters broken
placenta placenta
episiotomy episiotomy
epidural epidural
uterine lap cervix
Contraception Contraception
contraceptive pills birth control pills
IUD coil
condom condom
Stomatology Dentistry
tooth tooth
enamel enamel
pulp (nerve) pulp (nerve)
root root
gum gingiva (gum)
jaw bone
lower jaw teeth lower teeth
upper jaw teeth upper teeth
incisors incisor
premolars premolar
molars molar
wisdom teeth wisdom tooth

Other words and phrases from hospital, medicine and health in Portuguese and English

  • Allergist - Allergist
  • Cardiologist - Cardiologist
  • Dentist - Dentist
  • Dermatologist - Dermatologist
  • Doctor - Doctor
  • Endocrinologist - Endocrinologist
  • GP (General Practitioner) - General Physician
  • Neurologist - Neurologist
  • Psychiatrist - Psychiatrist
  • Radiologist - Radiologist
  • Specialist - Specialist

Phrases in Portuguese and English 

  • What is the problem? – Qual é o problema?
  • Visiting hours are over  –  Hora de visitas acabou.
  • I’d like to schedule an appointment. – Eu gostaria de marcar uma consulta.
  • He needs to cancel his appointment. – Ele precisa cancelar sua consulta.
  • What is the appointment regarding? – A consulta é para quê?
  • What is wrong ? – O que está errado?
  • Can I have a look at…? – Posso dar uma olhada em…?

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