List of adjectives in French

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In this article we will share with you a list of adjectives in French. Before that we will mention some interesting facts about the adjectives in French.

For those who don't know, an adjective is every word that refers to a noun indicating some attribute, they are words that qualify and describe something.

  • As in Portuguese, the adjective usually comes after the noun;
  • In French, adjectives have gender. To leave the adjective in the feminine form you usually add E. (It will be in parentheses);
  • French adjectives have plural and singular;
  • When the adjective ends in a consonant (n, l, s), to make it feminine, you usually repeat the consonant before adding the E.
  • Adjectives ending in -al has its female end in -aux

We recommend using anki to help you improve and memorize the words in this article.

I hope you like it, thanks for sharing the article. xD

Adjectives French

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
nice (-) agréable (-)
joyful (-) content(e)
arrogant (-) arrogant(e)
cheap pas cher (-)
good good) bon (bonne)
beautiful beau (belle)
angry en colère (-)
donkey bête (-)
tired fatigué(e)
expensive cher (chère)
full plein(e)
complicated compliqué(e)
creative créatif (créative)
curious curieux (curieuse)
unpleasant (-) désagréable (-)
different (-) différent(e)
fun amusant(e)
funny drôle (-)
embarrassed embarrassé(e)
dark foncé(e)
smart malin (maligne)
ugly laid(e)
happy (-) heureux (hereuse)
cute mignon (mignonne)
strong (-) fort(e)
weak faible (-)
cold froid(e)
easy (-) facile (-)
kind (-) gentil (gentille)
fat gros (grosse)
big/tall grand(e)
hypocrite (-) hypocrite (-)
honest honnête (-)
equal (-) égal(e)
smart (-) intelligent(e)
interesting (-) intéressant(e)
annoyed énervé(e)
clean propre (-)
crazy fou (folle)
thin maigre (-)
bad (bad) mauvais(e)
new neuf (neuve)
patient (-) patient(e)
small/small petit(e)
dangerous dangereux (dangereuse)
poor (-) pauvre (-)
lazy paresseux (paresseuse)
hot (-) chaud(e)
rich riche (-)
fast rapide (-)
simple (-) simple (-)
sincere sincère (-)
sociable (-) sociable (-)
dirty sale (-)
surprised surpris(e)
stubborn têtu(e)
shy timide (-)
empty vide (-)
old vieux (vieille)

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