What is the true origin and meaning of Crush?

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Crush is an English term that literally means crushing or colliding. However, this word took on a new meaning when used in slang (idiom) similar to quedinha or paxonite. In this article we will see in detail the true meaning of crush and some alternatives and similar words in English and other languages.

Crush is a sudden passion, a feeling of having your heart crushed by someone else, as the real meaning of the word suggests. That expression is on a level below passionate. It literally means having an interest in someone, a fall or affection for the person. Sometimes this feeling can be intense, but originally in English this word is used to refer to a small passion.

The term crush was very famous on social networks such as facebook, twitter and instagram. They are passing passions or a platonic love, where lately it has been used by girls who fall in love with famous singers and actors, they usually call them crush. For some it can be a flirt, for others it can be an impossible passion or love.

Man CRUSH why don't you notice me? Notice Me Senpai!

In the Japanese language, the term senpai usually has a similar sense to crush. In the same way, the expression crush started to be used in passions that are one level up or seem impossible. Crushes don't usually notice their feelings or even know about their existence.

The person for whom we have this crush is usually the perfect person, of our dreams and without any defect. That is why the famous are the main targets of this famous term. The big problem with having this crush is that you don't fall in love with the person, but with the image and idea you have of him. In other words, it is neither passion nor love!

This is better than being in love, because it doesn't make us sick and crazy, it's just a very good and healthy feeling.

Qual a verdadeira origem e significado de Crush?

The history and origin of slang crush

Slang terms tend to be updated over the years, even though it is an English slang, in Brazil there were others. In the 50's it was common to use the expression “sprout” and with time even the term “mozão” appeared. The story of crush is no different. In the USA there was the slang Puppy Love that indicates childhood passions.

You probably didn't know, but the romantic feeling of passion was registered by first time in 1884 in the Journal of Isabella Maud Rittenhouse. It is believed that crush came from a variation of the expression mash which means puree. But mash also means crushing, crushing and mixing, which has everything to do with the word crush and also with puree.

The word mash has also been used to refer to a flirt around 1870. In 1890 the word mash or masherava meant to seduce.

Puree also indicated a spoonful diet, like ground baby food. They related this etymology to being someone's spoon. Since 1820 that expression has meant being totally dependent on or in love with someone (or being a goof). Just like a baby is waiting for mommy feed, the person is waiting for the passion to pay attention.

Nowadays things have changed a lot, and the word mash can even be used for the act of making love. Only that the meaning has always been this, both the words crush and mash (s) mean to break, and when the person is in love it is broken. The worst happens when the person is waiting for the puree, dreaming the impossible with the person.

A crush is different from an acute crush, but it can still make you goofy. This attraction to a girl can even lead you to stalk that person's life. In some cases it is even idolatry. There are several levels and uses of this word, so you need to be aware to get the real meaning.

Qual a verdadeira origem e significado de Crush?

Crush has been several things

The word crush has been present over the years in several things, we can list them below:

  • Soft drink brand;
  • Name of bands and music of bands;
  • Albums of several bands like 2NE1 and Bon Jovi;
  • Name of films from different countries;
  • Name of video games;
  • A cigarette brand;
  • The name of an old city in Texas;
  • A torturous execution method;

Sometimes this term is also associated with Limerance. A state of mind that includes obsessive thoughts and fantasies and the desire to form or maintain a relationship. Simply put is: an involuntary cognitive and emotional state that results from a romantic desire for another person

English phrases with Crush

Below we will see some phrases and expressions for you to know the real use in English of the word:

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Phrase in Portuguese English phrase 
Did you know that Mark had a crush on you? Did you know Mark had a crush on you?
I'm really into you. I have a major crush on you.
I used to have many passions at once, now I only have one. I used to have a lot of crushes at the same time, now I have only one.
I always had a crush on him I've always had a crush on him
I'm starting to have a crush on her. I'm really getting a crush on her.
I will break you! I'll crush you.

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