French Dialogue # 2

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Hello “Learn Words” Readers! In this article we will continue the dialogues with a short video in French, shall we start?

The dialogue we will see in this article takes place in a restaurant. Interesting that just like in Brazil, some restaurants in France are also necessary to make reservations, regardless of when you go to eat. Pay close attention to the following audio:


We will understand SOME words of the text to know how to deal with the Situation.

Bonjour! C'est pour déjeuner, pour deux personnes.

Good afternoon, Lunch for two.
 Three good. Do you have a reservation?

Very well. Did you make a reservation?
 Oui, au nom de Delaure.

Yes in the name of Delaure
Ah, oui. Très bien, suivez-moi s'il vous plaît. Voilà!

Ah yes. Okay, follow me, please. Here it is !
You don’t have the carte. Did you get an apéritif pour commencer?

Card: Cardapio

Hey, you’re going to give the chef a salute to foie gras and l'entrecôte à la provencale.

I'll have a chef's salad with foie gras and et l'entrecôte à la provençale

And pour moi, le fois gras en entrée et le poisson à la sauce au vin blanc.

And for me, Fois gras at the entrance and fish à la sauce in white wine.

A bouteille de vin rouge and a bouteille d'eau minérale.

One bottle of red wine and one bottle of mineral water.

Are you fini?

You finished ?

Pour les desserts, je vous donne la carte…

For dessert I will want the menu ...

Pour moi, la tarte tatin.

For me Tarte tatin.
–Et pour moi, just a coffee.

And for me just a coffee
–Un café crème, café noir?

Coffee crème, Black coffee?

L'addition s'il vous plaît!

The check, please.

On laisse un pourboire, non?

we left a tip, right?
–Oui, laisse, fifty euros.

Yes, they did, five euros
And in closing I will leave some elements related to the text, Au revoir and until our next meeting.

French elements: