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Países em Francês

French Countries

Hello Readers of Learn Words, in this article we will know the names of some countries and regions in French, this list

Membros da família em francês

French family members

Salut mes amie de “Apprend Parole” comment ça va? Today we are going to learn how to say some members of our family in

Lugares da cidade em Francês

French city places

Hello Readers of “Learning Words”, in this article we will learn some words related to the city in French, in case you are

Diálogo em Francês #2

French Dialogue # 2

Hello “Learn Words” Readers! In this article we will continue the dialogues with a short video in French, shall we start? The dialogue we are going to

Introdução ao Francês

Introduction to French

Parlez vous Français? The French language is a Romance language with about 274 million speakers. It is official language in 30 countries,