Twitter in Portuguese and English - Word List

Escrito por

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In this article we will share a list of words related to twitter in Portuguese and English. This way you will be able to put and use twitter in the Portuguese and English language and improve your learning through immersion and living with the language.

I hope you like this list of Twitter related words in Portuguese and English. We will already thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting on the article. I will also leave below a list of articles related to the English language:

Twitter em Inglês - Lista de palavras

 Twitter in Portuguese and English - Portuguese

Portuguese Inglês
tweet tweet
follow follow
follower follower
home page home
timeline timeline
notification notification
to discover discover
account account
recommended users recommed users
Open open
show translation show translation
Tendencies trend
answer reply
retweet retweet
favorite favorite
From others other
add image add image
add location add location
share by email share by email
block user or spam report block user or spam report
Details detail
search search
open conversation open conversation
all all
direct message direct messege
definition and help setting and help
list list
keyboard shortcut keyboard shortcut
configuration setting
get out log out
edit profile edit profile
header header
Image image
name name
place, place place
bio bio
to save save
activity activity
Meet friends find friends
popular account popular account
User information user information
security and privacy security and privacy
password password
Mobile mobile
Email Notification email notification
web notification web notification
desain desain
application application
tool widget
username username
language setting language setting
timezone timezone
delete account delete account