List of school supplies in Portuguese and English

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Going to college or studying at an English school? In this article we will help you by sharing a list of school supplies in Portuguese and English so you know what to buy or talk about.

To memorize this list of materials in Portuguese and English effectively, we recommend using a tool in the style anki. Stay tuned for tips on how you can memorize Spanish vocabulary accurately in our article on memorization.

List of school supplies in Portuguese and English

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
School supplies in Portuguese Materiais de escola em inglês
address book address book
agenda appointment book, agenda, diary
agenda diary
eraser (frame) eraser
sharpener sharpener, pencil sharpener
sharpener sharpener
handout class note
watercolor watercolor
armário locker, cabinet
apron, dust jacket pinafore/apron
Notepad notepad
scholarship schoolbag, backpack
eraser eraser
eraser eraser, rubber
chair chair
notebook notebook
Cashier box
calculator calculator
calendar calendar
pen pen
pen, pilot pen felt tip pen
little pen marker
rubber stamp) rubber stamp
Wallet desk
cardboard cardboard (usa), card (uk)
CD cd (compact disc)
Garbage basket trash can, garbage can (usa) , dustbin (uk)
clip clip, paperclips
paper clips paper clips
colored glue colored glue
glue glue glitter glue
Glue stick glue stick
Glue stick glue stick
Glue glue
compass compass, compasses (plural)
computer computer
liquid Paper correction pen, correction fluid, (liquid paper)
badge (to identify yourself) badge, emblema (de escola – uk)
dictionary dictionary
daily diary
elastic for papers rubber band
square (usa) triangle
square (united kingdom) set square
stylus (cutter) cutter
case case, pencilcase
case pencil case
exam - (school, academic) exam, examination (é mais formal)
binder binder
fita adesiva adhesive tape
fita adesiva tape, adhesive tape
Durex tape tape, scotch tape (usa) , sellotape (uk)
insulating tape insulating tape
measuring tape tape measure
crayons crayon
crayons cryon, wax crayon
school chalk (on blackboard) chalk
chalk chalk
globe globe
gliter glitter
graphite graffiti (pintura, pichação, etc)
graphite lead (de lápis)
stapler stapler
clip staple (grampear to staple)
lunch bag lunchbox
spangle paillette, flitter
lapiseira mechanical pencil (usa), propelling pencil (uk)
lata de lixo trash can, garbage can (usa) , dustbin (uk)
exercise book exercise book
textbook/didactic textbook
book book
crayon wax crayon
colored pencils colored pencil (eua)
colored pencils colored pencil (usa) ,coloured pencil (uk)
colored pencils coloured pencil (reino unido)
pencil pencil
map map
highlighter highlighter
text marker marker, marker pen, highlighter
school supplies school supplies
school lunch school lunch
desk, wallet desk
table table
microscope microscope
school backpack schoolbag, backpack
schoolbag backpack
mural, board (notice board) board
paper paper
cardboard cardboard
briefcase (briefcase) briefcase
school folder satchel
briefcase and briefcase briefcase
folder file, folder (de plástico, cartolina)
piercer perforator
brush brush
shelf shelf, shelves (plural)
proof test
billboard) board
whiteboard (chalkboard) whiteboard
chalkboard (blackboard) chalkboard
blackboard (chalkboard) blackboard
watch clock
ruler ruler
pointless scissors safety scissors
scissors scissors
text text
ink paint
protractor protactor

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