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Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of English schools in the world, but it is a country with the lowest number of English speakers. What is the real problem with English schools? They use traditional and time-consuming methods that make you waste time and money. That's why we give priority to online courses! In this article we will recommend the best online English courses for you to choose for yourself.

Most teachers are migrating their English courses to the Internet, so that they have the freedom to teach the way they want. Rather than spending time teaching the same thing to multiple students, teachers of online English courses can focus on creating more and higher quality content.

The advantages of online courses are good for both students and teachers who can generate a higher income and still have more results in students' teaching. This resulted in a gigantic wave of online courses, where some promise innovative methods with results in a few months and with a single investment instead of monthly.

The internet is very popular, which makes these teachers focus a lot on marketing their course. We will publish a list of online English courses, but we hope that you will be realistic and calmly analyze the best options to make the right choice and find a teacher who identifies with you.

The Best Online English Courses

Online English courses are great options for you to achieve fluency in English without spending a lot of money. In addition to being cheaper there are numerous benefits when taking an online course such as:

  • Get more - Pay a lot less for something of high value.
  • Flexibility - You study whenever you want, whenever you want.
  • You don't have to move around to study English.
  • It can be accessed from any mobile device.
  • Great payment options on card, boleto and etc.
  • You can download the product.
  • Payment is usually a single amount that can be divided into 12 times.
  • The Product Author offers several Bonuses.
  • The Author offers an experience and free content.
  • The Author offers full support and help with a team.
  • O conteúdo que você recebe é muito mais rico.
  • It can be easily and quickly updated.
  • It can generate greater retention and understanding of the subject.
  • It can be easily managed.
  • Online service and support to answer your questions or difficulties that may arise.
  • 30-day product warranty.

I always like to post this list of benefits of online courses that I usually present to my friends. Unfortunately not all online English courses are available for enrollment throughout the year. Come on the list, choose wisely the course that suits you best.

Course - Carol Teaches English

Carol Teaches English is a course prepared to take you to a real life environment, with situations really used in English. Learn English with a popular Youtuber using a new and unprecedented methodology created to meet the real challenges of speaking English outside Brazil. 

The course methodology is a methodology developed by Carol through her 12 years of experience in teaching English. I often say that my methodology is based on the four functions of the language: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Understanding. 

Tudo isso baseado na vasta experiência trabalhando com a Universidade de Cambridge e os materiais que eles produzem. Além disso, eu encontro algumas inspirações na metodologia de Oxford, nas situações do inglês da vida real e muitas outras fontes. Um dos mais populares do Brasil.

Os melhores cursos de inglês online
Carol Capel

Traveling in English • English Course for Travelers

Are you going to travel outside of Brazil and don't know how to speak English? Imagine a course that will help you not to suffer in all situations that this trip will provide. This course will solve all the problems of your trip:

In the course you will learn everything about:

  • ✈ Airport ✈ Asking for information ✈ Transportation ✈ Accommodation
  • ✈ Situações com Hospital / Emergência ✈ Restaurante ✈ Compras /Lojas e mercados
  • ✈ Preparation of the necessary pre-trip documentation.
  • ✈ How to face any immigration without fear, with the instagrammer who has visited more than 100 countries.
  • ✈ Tips from a psychologist to deal with difficult situations before, during and after your journey
  • ✈ PDF with vocabulary list.
  • ✈ Podcasts with all classes in .mp3 format
  • ✈ Monthly Lives with Julia and Carine
Click to access Traveling in English
Os melhores cursos de inglês online

Complete English Conversational Course

Esse curso é voltado para as pessoas que querem aprender Inglês de forma prática e com eficácia. É um curso básico voltado o aprendizado prático e com imersão na língua Inglesa e no final do curso será aplicado um teste prático para comprovação do aprendizado.

The course is very basic and accessible, with a very attractive price. For more information, please visit the website in question to find out what this English conversation course has to offer.

English Course Jackson Roger

The Jackson Roger English Course - COMPLETE is a complete course of studies with 7 months duration plus bonus extensions that leaves the student with fully differentiated English. 

Who takes the English course Jackson Roger does not have difficulties in pronunciation and much less in understanding when communicating in Portuguese and English, as the method combines a different methodology that forces the student to use what he learns during the course.

Our methodology deviates from the standard and always seeks innovation in learning, which makes the study both pleasant and motivating. Only even those who are in the course can notice the differential and the potential that this course carries! 

English - Fluency Route

THE Marcia Daniela is passionate about learning and teaching. Teaching the language for 25 years English,  já ajudou milhares de alunos a transformarem as suas realidades e a realizarem seus Dreams. Click here for details.

For those who prefer to be taught by a woman the fluency route is a great option. This course promises to teach English using neuroscience and coaching techniques and also provides more than 11 unique bonuses for students.

Os melhores cursos de inglês online

Propulsion for fluency in English

The course is taught by Raphael Silveira where he focuses a lot on listening and pronouncing English. Something that ends up being left out in English classes that usually focus only on grammar, which is boring.  Click here for details

The fluency propulsion course lasts 4 to 6 months and shares several bonuses to help with your studies. You get lifetime access and can study at any speed you want, however you want.

Os melhores cursos de inglês online

English course by Mairo Vergara

The largest English course in Brazil is from the famous Mairo Vergara who has thousands of followers. He also publishes free content every week on his website and youtube channel. Even if you don't want to invest in Mairo's English course, you can follow its free content.

Unfortunately the Mairo course is only available for enrollment a few times a year. The investment price may be a little high for some, but it is still very cheap compared to classroom courses and is very worthwhile. See more details in our article about Mairo Vergara.

Os melhores cursos de inglês online

Udemy English Courses

Udemy is a website where several people launch their courses on different things. Below we list some English courses launched on Udemy in order of popularity:


We will update the list as other English courses that we trust appear. I hope you enjoyed the article and be sure to share it with friends.

Books to Learn English Alone

Finally, we will leave a list of English courses in books that can be purchased at Amazon Brazil. Some have audio CDs and extra, interactive content.

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