Vocabulary - Relationships, love and friendship in Portuguese and English

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In this article we will see a list of words about relationships, love and friendship in the Portuguese and English language. There are several interesting words for you to add to your English vocabulary, I hope you like it.

We also recommend reading other articles related to friendships and love in Portuguese and English below. We appreciate the comments and shares! If you want to add a word in the comments, feel free.

Relationships, love and friendship in Portuguese and English

Portuguese Inglês
aborrecer / odiar muito abhorrence/hate very much
hugging embracing
to believe to believe
affection affection
lover lover
friend girl friend
friend (s) on the internet friend(s) in internet
boy friend boy friend
friends friend(s)
amor / gostar love/liking
disappointed love disappointed love
unrequited love unrequited love
love at first sight love at first sight
love love
cheered up excited
in love in love
apaixonar-se (lit. cair no amor) / ficar encantado fall in love/be charmed
associate, be engaged associate, be engaged
kiss kiss
bondade / ternura kindness/tenderness
beautiful beautiful
beautiful pretty
caminho do amor / romance love’s pathway/romance
expensive dear
love letter love letter
Marriage wedding
scar, wound, hurt scar, wound, hurt
jealous jealousy
classmates classmate(s)
companion, partner fellow, partner
heartbroken heartbreak/broken heart
awakening from love awakening of love
divorce divorce
girlfriend girlfriend
boyfriend boyfriend
emotion emotion
meeting date
wife wife
cute cute
beautiful girl beautiful girl
really like like very much
man man
homosexuality homosecuality
crowded crowded
Honeymoon honeymoon
husband husband
memória / pensamento memory/thought
menina / jovem senhora girl/young lady
menino / juvenil boy/juvenile
woman woman
noiva / noivo fiancee/fiance
engagement engagement
say feelings, confess to tell one’s feeling
first love first love
promise promise
quero encontrar / saudades want to meet/miss
loving relationship love relationship
go out to have fun hang out
marry get merried
be hurt get hurt/get injured/be wound
feeling-myself feeling
to sense to feel
be rejected be jilted/be rejected
sexy sexy
not married single
become painful become painful
cool, handsome man twink/cool man
hate hate