Understand why you shouldn't study grammar

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Many students find Portuguese classes one of the most boring in the school, mainly because of grammar classes. Portuguese is one of the most complicated languages ​​in the world, so whether or not you need to study your grammar to avoid making mistakes. Is this really necessary when learning a second language? In this article you will understand why you should not study grammar.

It is obvious that when learning a new language, we need to understand at least the basics of how the formation of phrases, verbs, adjectives, particles, etc. works. Only that should never be the focus when studying a new language. Just as you shouldn't waste time memorizing words and vocabularies in isolation.

Entenda porque você não deve estudar gramática

Japanese don't study grammar

The Japanese and other Asians are famous for their intelligence, this is mainly because of their language, where the ideograms make them use the brain in a different way than ours. Another important factor is the way that the Japanese study their native language, where grammar is most often left out.

The Japanese language has a very simple grammar, without plural, infinite verbal conjugations, concordance and so on. Japanese people learn to speak their native language naturally before going to school, just like everyone else in the world. There is basically no need to teach grammar because of the ease of the language.

Japanese people spend their time studying vocabulary, texts and novels to naturally and automatically develop their grammar. Several other countries use the same learning method, polyglots also use spaced memory systems and whole sentences to learn everything in a new language.

Entenda porque você não deve estudar gramática

Learning grammar is a waste of time

You must know all the grammatical rules when studying a language, but don't waste time on it. Some spend days and months trying to memorize the right way to form sentences and conjugate verbs in a new language. They usually try to understand each grammatical aspect rather than simply studying sentences and texts.

If the person spends all that time studying phrases and texts he will naturally learn grammar, will train reading and increase his vocabulary. Another mistake when studying grammar is trying to compare it with Portuguese. Do not try to understand literally every grammatical aspect of a language!

Try to understand the way of thinking of the language you are learning instead of trying to translate and give meaning to expressions and grammatical rules that do not exist in Portuguese. Have you tried to take the grammar out of focus a little?