French Sweets

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Hello Readers of Aprender Palavras, in this article we will learn some sweets in French, and we will also learn some typical sweets that you can find in a “pâtisserie” in France.

French Sweets:

Portuguese Francês
Cotton Candy barbe à papa
Creme brulee créme brulée
Sugar Sucre
Cake gâteau
Candy Bonbons
Cone cornet de crème glacée
Chantilly chantilly
bubble gum Gomme
Chocolate Chocolat
Macaron Macaron
Cookies biscuit
Caramel Caramel
Carolinas Choux
Gelatine gélatine
Jelly Gelée
Guava paste pâte de goyave
Gum Gomme
Jelly beans Jujubes
KitKat Kit kat
Honey Miel
Honeydew Sirop
Milk shake Lait secousse, Milkshake
Canelé (Bordeaux region) Canelé
Mousse Mousse
Popsicle Popsicle
Lollipop Sucette
pudding Pouding
Fruit salad salade de fruits
Dessert Dessert
Ice cream Crème glacée
Lemon pie Tarte citron

Typical of a Pâtisserie

Portuguese Francês
A thousand sheets mille feuilles
Baba au Rhum Baba au Rhum
Éclair Éclair
Opera Opéra
Bomb or Carolina Choux
Canelé Canelé
crepe Suzette Crêpe Suzette
Inverted apple pie Tarte Tatin
Paris Brest Paris Brest

Some words do not have a clear translation and some cannot give a meaning in Portuguese since they are very regional sweets from the country, we recommend that you search the images on the internet to be able to know the sweet, and if you are a culinary lover and like it to venture into confectionery, you can even search for the recipe for these sweets and try to make them, but here is a challenge for the team to learn words: Use a recipe in FRENCH! if you can, send us a photo on the facebook page, we will be happy to see the results of your targets and the challenge.

In some states in Brazil and in some countries there are some confectionery establishments that specialize in French confectionery, we invite you to learn these words and visit one of these establishments and order some typical French sweets that are sure to give anyone an appetite.