Days of the week and months of the year in Spanish

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Hello readers of Learn words, in this article we will learn the names of the months and days of the week in Spanish and understand why they have such different names.

Days of the week in Spanish

The days of the week in Spanish are called Weekdays, while weekends are called Fin if week or finde, In some Spanish-speaking countries, Fridays that are public holidays and create a bridge for three days of rest are called Weekends off.


Portuguese Espanhol
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miércules
Thursday Jueves
Friday Viernes
Saturday Sábado
Sunday Domingo


Months of the year in Spanish

Months of the year are called Months of the year. The days of the week in Spanish are similar to Portuguese, taking into account some peculiarities.


Portuguese Espanhol
January Enero
February Febrero
March Marzo
April Abril
May Mayo
June Junio
July Julio
August Agosto
September Septiembre
October Octubre
November Noviembre
December Diciembre


Like many Spanish students, you have probably come across the following question: "But why do the names of the days of the week look like planets?" In reality they don't look like planets, they are names of celestial bodies! The name comes from the seven objects (bodies) that the ancient Greeks saw moving in the sky, and later the Romans adopted to honor their gods. Currently Spanish uses the name that comes from the planets: Lunes (Luna), Martes (Mars), Miércoles (Mercury), Jueves (Jupiter), Viernes (Venus), Saturday (Saturn) and Sunday (Sun). The reason for Saturday to be known thus comes from the Roman system that originates from the Hebrew "Sabbat" and Sunday from the Latin "Domininca" (The Lord's Day) the reason for this name comes from a dream that Emperor Constantine had where it is said, he saw “a cross within a sun with an inscription (By this sign, you will win)” and with that he started to have beliefs based on Christianity, leaving his belief in Miltra (sun goddess) behind, dedicating Sunday to you (who according to Constantine was Jesus). But what about the months? It comes from tributes to Roman Emperors, gods and numbers.