Electronics and appliances in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will see some electronics and appliances in Portuguese and English, we will include several electrical objects from the house.

We recommend that you use this table wisely and have a basic knowledge of English pronunciation.

Eletrônicos / Eletrodomésticos

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
Aquecedor (chama) Heater (flame)
Ar condicionado Air conditioning
Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
Barbeador elétrico electric shaver
Chapinha (cabelo) Flat iron (hair)
Cobertor elétrico Electric blanket
Computador Computer
Cortador de grama Lawn mower
Extensão Extension
Iron Iron
Cooker Cooker
Forno Oven
Freezer Freezer
Geladeira Refrigerator
Gerador elétrico Electric generator
Liqüidificador Blender
Luz – fluorescente Light – Fluorescent
Lâmpada Lamp
Microondas Microwave
Máquina de lavar Washing machine
Notebook Laptop
Panela de arroz Rice pan
Relógio Clock
Rádio Radio
Secador (roupas/outros) Dryer (clothes / other)
Secador de cabelo Hair dryer
Secretária eletrônica Answering machine
Telefone celular Mobile Phone / smartphone
Telefone Phone
Televisão TV
Tomada Jack
Torradeira Toaster
Ventilador Fan

Electronics in Portuguese and English is Electronics. Appliances in Portuguese and English is Home appliances.