English Class - Numbers from 0 to 1000 in full in Portuguese and English.

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When talking about numbers in full in Portuguese and English (English Class), we certainly remember how easy it is to decorate them, but undoubtedly, at some point in your life, like me, you were in doubt as to which is which, or how to memorize them more easily if you are learning English, in this article we will learn to count from 0-1000 with blocks of 10 to facilitate our learning.

Numbers 0-10

Here will be the easiest:

0 Zero
1 One.
2 Two.
3 Three.
4 Four.
5 Five.
6 Six.
7 Seven.
8 Eight
9 Nine.
10 Ten.

Numbers 11-20 From 0 to 10 don't make it too difficult, right? now let's learn 10 more numbers.

Numbers 11-20

11 Eleven.
12 Twelve.
13 Thirteen.
14 Fourteen.
15 Fifteen.
16 Sixteen.
17 Seventeen.
18 Eighteen.
19 Nineteen.
20 Twenty.

We notice that the numbers 11-13 have a different format, lose their original format, 11 become Eleven and 12 Twelve. 13-19 is easier, just add the "teen" in front of the number, remembering clearly that the numbers 13 and 15 change their beginning.

Numbers 21-30

The numbers in Portuguese and English are not like in Portuguese adding the conjunction “e” to make tens, for that we put the unit in front of the ten, let's analyze.

21 Twenty-one.
22 Twenty-two.
23 Twenty-three.
24 Twenty-four.
25 Twenty-five.
26 Twenty-six.
27 Twenty-seven.
28 Twenty-eight.
29 Twenty-nine.
30 Thirty.

As we noted to form Twenty “e”… we do not have the conjunction, it would be wrong to say 21 (Twenty and one), the correct one in Portuguese and English is (Twenty-one), with a hyphen (-) separating the ten from the unit, to say the other numbers, hold this same rule ten + hyphen + unit.

Numbers 31-40

31 Thirty-one.
32 Thirty-two.
33 Thirty-three.
34 Thirty-four.
35 Thirty-five.
36 Thirty-six.
37 Thirty-seven.
38 Thirty-eight.
39 Thirty-nine.
40 Forty.

We can notice that the numbers followed the rule of Ten + hyphen + unit to build 31,32,33 and etc.

Numbers 50-100

50 Fifty.
60 Sixty.
70 Seventy.
80 Eighty.
90 Ninety.
100 One hundred.

Numbers 101 to 109

101 One hundred and one.
102 One hundred and two.
103 One hundred and three.
104 One hundred and four.
105 One hundred and five.
106 One hundred and six.
107 One hundred and seven.
108 One hundred and eight.
109 One hundred and nine.

We note that to form after 100, we have the conjunction “E”, let's see the construction: Centena + and + unit, this rule will follow for the other numbers.

Numbers 200-1000

200 Two hundred.
300 Three hundred.
400 Four hundred.
500 Five hundred.
600 Six hundred.
700 Seven hundred.
800 Eight hundred.
900 Nine hundred.
1000 One thousand.

Forming other numbers

To form numbers from one thousand to nine thousand (9000) we have the following construction:

Unit + thousand

To form the compounds (1001,1002,2001,2002 and etc.) we have the following construction:

2017: (Two thousand and seventeen) = Unit + thousand + and + complement (number).