English Class - The hours in Portuguese and English (hours in Portuguese and English language)

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Often, telling the time is very practical when we do it in the language we grew up listening to, but a very different task is to do it in another language like English, in this article we will learn the hours in Portuguese and English and phrases to help us fix .

The Hours

The hours in Portuguese and English are not EXACTLY like in Portuguese, words are used to define round times and half times, let's learn those words.

O'clock = Used with Round, Exact hours (it is our “sharp”)

Quarter = A quarter of an hour (15 'round' minutes)

A quarter to #NULL!

A quarter past = (hour) and 15 minutes

Half past = (hour) and a half

There is no secret to tell us the hours, to speak the numbers we use them in cardinal form, if you have not learned click On here and learn the numbers, but if you have already done that we will observe how to use the hours and how these hours behave in sentences, pay close attention that we have rules that must be obeyed in relation to the words we learned above, we will see these rules .

Rules with the hours

We use the A quarter to this way:

A quarter to + next time


12:45 = It's a quarter to one = (ie 15 for one o'clock in the afternoon)

We use the A quarter past this way:

A quarter past + schedule 



6:15 = It's a quarter past six

OR Six and quarter (in both cases they mean six and fifteen)

We use the Half past this way:

Half past + schedule

22:30 = Half past ten

We use the O'clock this way:

hour + O'clock

20:00 = Ten o'clock

8:00 = Eight o'clock

As we saw it is not difficult, everything is a matter of custom and good understanding, but we have other points to note.

Numbers below minutes are used with past.



6:20 = Twenty past six

18:20 = Twenty past six

5:11 = Eleven past five

17:10 = Ten past five

When there are only a few minutes left for a certain hour, we use To.

Minutes left+to+second time

10:55 = five to eleven (That is 'five to eleven')

00:00 = Midnight: Midnight

12:00 = Midday: Midday

PM: Post Meridiem = after noon.

AM: Ante Meridiem = before noon.

NOTE: The hours in Portuguese and English can also be spoken by numbers in full, for example we can say: 6:45 = It's = six and forty-five, in Portuguese and English it is common to use PM and AM

Useful phrases:

What time is it? = What time is it?

It is (contracted It's) half past six = It's 6:30 pm.

I will be at work at a quarter past three = I will go to work at 15:15.

I wake up at ten o'clock = I wake up at 10 in the morning.