French Negation

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Hello readers of Aprender Palavras in this article we will learn two forms of denial in French, but you may wonder why you learn this.

Denial in French or any other language is a fundamental part for a language student, it helps a lot to understand a sentence, but denying in French goes far beyond saying “Non”, we will learn some for more.

In this article we will focus on 2:

Ne + verb + pas  and Ne + plus

Denial 1

The most classic and simplest to deny in French is ne + verb + pas (or negation of an adverb), let's see some examples without translation:

  • Je ne chante pas
  • Je ne suis pas français. Ils ne sont pas brésiliens
  • Je n'ai pas étudié.
  • Je n'ai pas de pomme
  • Je ne suis pas russe

In all cases we have seen how the combination “ne + verb + pas” is completed, this can be a way of recording this form of negation in mind.

WARNING: Note that the Huh when accompanied by a vowel it loses "AND" and stay alone (N '), This loss of phonetic element (loss of vowel) is called “élision" in French.


  • Je n'ai pas étudié.
  • Je n'ai pas de pomme
  • Je n'aime pas le mandarin

Denial 2

The second type of negation is no longer as complex as the first, this is Ne + plus which refers to the “no more” (or past action) of something.

Here are some examples:

  • Je ne mange plus de la banane.
  • Je ne chante plus
  • Je ne parlez portuguais plus
  • Je ne fume plus
  • Je ne boire [les boissons alcoolisées] plus

Grammar of a language is never such an easy subject, however simple or more complex and difficult it may be, it takes time to master it well, but with the right tips and a lot of effort we can master this point of language learning, the French denial has other particularities that should be given attention, in this article we address two more common ones in both French and Portuguese.