How to better memorize your studies

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Have you ever faced the frustration of studying intensely, but not being able to retain the knowledge for a long time? Memory is a crucial aspect of effective learning, and there are several techniques that can boost your memory skills. 

From using mind maps to studying in a heated environment, there are several strategies that can revolutionize the way you absorb information.

In this article, you'll learn about 6 practices that will help you memorize your studies more easily!

1. Read aloud

The technique of reading aloud is very efficient for memorization. When we speak, we have a stronger connection with words, which makes it easier to retain information. 

Thus, when reading aloud, you will be reinforcing the content in your mind and making it stick easily. 

However, as strange as this technique may seem at first, with practice it will become a natural habit that improves your studying and memory readings.

2. Teach the subject to someone else

Another excellent technique for improving memorization is to teach the subject you are studying to someone else. 

When explaining a concept or topic to someone, you are basically forcing your mind to organize your ideas and convey the knowledge clearly and concisely. 

That way, you can identify gaps in your own understanding and strengthen your retention of information. 

If you don't have a study partner, you can apply this technique alone. For this, you can pretend that you are teaching something in your room or study environment. 

3. Study in environments with the right temperature

Another essential point for memorization, but that many people leave aside is the temperature of the environment you usually study. It may not seem like it, but it influences a lot when it comes to retaining knowledge.

This is because environments with uncomfortable temperatures can make you more irritable and tired, which affects your performance in studies.

On the other hand, studying in an environment with a pleasant temperature promotes greater well-being, which directly influences the performance in studies.

Therefore, always seek to study in environments that you can adjust the temperature to create an environment conducive to concentration and learning.

4. Make mind maps

Making mind maps is a valuable tip to improve the memorization of readings and studies. This technique allows you to create a clear visualization of the connections between ideas, providing an overview of the content. 

These connections are essential to store information in a more lasting way. In addition to helping with memorization, the ability to establish connections provides an effective way of organizing knowledge, facilitating understanding and retention of information.

5. Use flashcards

You can also use the flashcard technique to make it easier to remember the content.

Flashcards are basically cards that have questions on one side and answers on the other. So, by trying to answer the question on the back of the card, you are exercising your mind and forcing information to be recalled. 

If your answer is not correct, you can review and try again. This simple yet effective approach helps reinforce memorization and consolidate knowledge more lastingly.

6. Develop questions about the topic

To improve your studies, at the end of each reading, formulate comprehensive questions that encompass the main points addressed. These questions are to ensure that you have fully understood the content and that nothing has been overlooked. 

Also, by taking a few minutes to reflect on the possible answers, you will be activating your memory and strengthening the concepts studied. This practice contributes to a better retention and consolidation of acquired knowledge.