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In this article we will see a complete list of cosmetics in Portuguese and English and other beauty products in Portuguese and English. I hope this list serves as a reference for you to find the cosmetic you are looking for. This list is perfect for those who work in the business and need to buy products of this type, mainly to import from other countries.

If you want to memorize the words below, we recommend using spaced memorization programs like anki. We used to put the list in Portuguese and English, but this time we had to put it in Portuguese and English and Portuguese.

Cosmetics in Portuguese and English

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
acne & blemish control for acne and greasiness
anti-aging anti age
blotting paper anti-shine paper
blush blush
body butter a more consistent body cream
body lotion body moisturizer
body lotions body lotions
body scrub body scrub
bronzing powder suntan powder
bronzing powder compact powder with tanning effect
cellulite treatment cellulite treatment
cleansers for cleaning
concealer liquid Paper
deodorants & antiperspirants deodorants and antiperspirants
eye creams & gels creams and gels for the eye area
eye make up remover eye make-up remover
eye shadow shadow
eyeliner eyeliner
facial mask face mask
facial scrub exfoliating soap for the face
facial wash face soap
false eyelashes false eyelashes
fluidline gel eye liner
foam wash foam for the face
foot care foot care
foundation base
hand lontions lotions for hands
kohl cajal
lightening cream illuminating creams
lip balm products to moisturize lips, cocoa butter
lip gloss gloss/brilho labial
lip pencil pencil for lips
lip plumper gloss/batom que aumenta os lábios
lip primer lip primer
lip stain color your lips (like a pen)
lipstick lipstick
loose powder translucent powder
luminazer illuminator
makeup remover make up remover
masks & peels masks and peels
mattifying powder/gel matifying powder
moisturizer facial moisturizer
nail polish enamel
night cream intensive night creams
polish remover nail polish remover
post waxing lotion / after waxing lotion post-hair removal lotion
pre-waxing lotion pre-hair removal lotion
pressed powder compact powder
primer primer
tinted moisturizer a very weak foundation with moisturizing benefits (for dry skin)
toner tonic for the face
toners & astringents astringents and tonics
wax remover wax remover

Learning English: Cosmetics


Makeup in Portuguese and English - Vocabulary


Cosmetic phrases in Portuguese and English

That list must indicate the concentration of the substance in cosmetic products.
The list shall indicate the concentration of this substance in the cosmetic products.

We found the nail polish remover you used, Brianna.
We found the nail polish remover you used, Brianna.

It all comes down to clothes and cosmetics.
This is all clothes and toiletries.

Well, I have extra-strong cream to take the make-up.
Well, I do have some of my extra-strength makeup remove.

I hope you enjoyed this short vocabulary article on cosmetics in Portuguese and English and other beauty products! We appreciate comments and shares. we recommend reading also: