Animal names in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will learn the names of animals (animals) in Portuguese and English (English). Below you will find a beautiful table with many animals, organized in category.

It is worth remembering that we advise you to have a little knowledge in the pronunciation of the English language so as not to end up learning to pronounce animals in Portuguese and English in the wrong way.

Pets in Portuguese and English

Portuguese English
Cat Cat
Dog Dog
Ferret Ferrett
Golden-fish Goldfish
Gerbil (desert rat). Gerbil
Hamster Hamster
llama Llama
Parrot Parrot
Bunny Rabbit
Mouse Mouse

Insects and creepers in Portuguese and English

Portuguese English
Ant Ant
Bee Bee
Butterfly Butterfly
Cockroach Cockroach
snail Snail
Spider Spider
Grasshopper Grasshopper
cricket Cricket
Praying mantis Mantis

Animals in Portuguese and English from the farm

Portuguese English
Chicken Chicken
duck Duck
cow Cow
Dumb Donkey
Goose Goose
Horse Horse
Goat Goat
Mule Mule
Pig Pig
Sheep Sheep

Forest animals in Portuguese and English

Portuguese English
Badger Antelope
Antelope Badger
Bat Bat
Bear Bear
Beaver Beaver
Bird Bird
Hart Deer
Fox Fox
Otter Otter
Owl Owl
Hedgehog Porcupine
Raccoon Raccoon
Aries Ram
Squirrel Squirrel
Wolf Wolf

Reptiles in Portuguese and English

Portuguese English
Alligator Alligator
Crocodile Crocodile
Frog Frog
Largato Lizard
Snake Snake
frog Toad
Tortoise Turtle

Animals in English at the Zoo

Portuguese English
Anteater Anteater
Monkey (large) On foot
Baboon Baboon
Buffalo Buffalo
camel Camel
Cheetah Cheetah
Coyote Coyote
Elephant Elephant
Gazelle Gazelle
Giraffe Girafe
Gorilla Gorilla
Hipoppotamus Hippopotamus
Jaguar Jaguar
Kangaroo Kangaroo
Leopard Leopard
Lion Lion
Monkey Monkey
Ostrich Ostrich
Panda Panda
Panther Panther
Rhinoceros Rhinoceros
Tiger Tiger
Zebra Zebra

Ocean Animals in Portuguese and English

Portuguese  English
Crab Crab
Dolphin Dolphin
Eel Eel
Medusa (Aguá-Viva). Jellyfish
Lobster Lobster
Shark Shark
Walrus Walrus
Manatee Manatee
Pelican Pelican
Penguin Penguin
Sealion Sea Lion
Whale Whale

Finally, we will leave a video showing some of the animals' pronunciation in Portuguese and English. (It has some animals that are not in the tables above.) And vice versa.

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