List of Onomatopoeia in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will talk about onomatopoeia in Portuguese and English. Do you know what onomatopoeia is? Onomatopoeia are words formed by literal or symbolic sounds.

Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from approximate reproduction, with the resources available to the language, with a natural sound associated with it; onomatopoese. in Portuguese and English the word onomatopoeia is written onomatopoeia.

Onomatopoeia include sounds of noises such as: noises made by animals, sounds of nature, explosions, falls, timbres etc. English uses a lot of onomatopoeia in his famous comics and animations.

Onomatopoeia in English

Follow the great list below and get to know most of the onomatopoeia that exist in English. Unfortunately the list cannot be complete, because there is an infinite variety of onomatopoeia, they can simply be created from a new sound.

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Portuguese Inglês
Bee flying; whisper Buzzz! Bzzz!
Something cutting the air quickly; buzzing Swooish! Fuiiim! Vuum! Zum!
Grunting animal or person Grrr!
Air being ripped by object at speed Whoosh! Swooish!
Car Starter Vrom! Brum!
Burp Burp!
Aspirate, sniff; dog or other animal sniffing a clue Sniff! Fniff! Chift!
Assent Uh-huh! Ã-hã!
Beat Knock! Knock! Toc! Toc!
Hit metal object Clang!, blém!, blém!
Hitting a hollow object; croaking of frog; wooden leg Plop! Poc! Pok!
bomb Ka-boom! Ta-bum!
Horn Honk! Fom! Fom!
Bell Ding! Dim! Plim! Trim!
Modern doorbell; ringing bells Tingeling! Blim-blém! Blim-blom!
Ringing bell Ring! Ding!
Tiredness Gasp! Ufa!
Tiredness Poof! Puf!
Remote calling Ioo-hoo! Iu-uu!, u-uu!
Splashing, skating, wallowing in the mud Chop! Tchap! Tchape! Tchope!
Electric shock Zap!
Cry Baw! Ou buá!
Cry Buow!
Cry Sob! Ahn!
Cry Ungh!
Horn Tatata! Tarará!
Outburst of pain Ow! Ouch!
Dislike Bah!
Suddenly disappear. Poof! Puf!
Pain Yipe! Ai!
Choking Gulp! Glup!
Amazement; fear; surprise Oops! Upa! Epa!
Exclamation Ugh! Ug!
Exclamation Yeowtch!
Exclamation, admiration Wow! Uau!
Exclamation; amazement Yeow! Uai!
Kick out or get attention Psst!
Hit with object Wap! Vap!
Drop Drip! Pim! Ping! Plim! Plic!
Scream of pain Aaai!
Scream of pain Ouch! Ai!
Scream of surprise, pain, fear, dread or discovery Ah!
Indecision Er… ahn …
Interrogation Hã? Huh? Hein?
Liquid being swallowed; drink water Glub! Glub! Glub! Blub! Glug!
Chew Chomp! Nhoc! Nhac! Nhec!
Chewed large animal Munch! Chomp!
Chewing toast Crunch! Croc!
Machine gun Rat-rat-rat! Rá-tá-tá! Ratataaá-tá
Feline meow Meow! Miau!
Spring coming off; jumping character Toing! Tóim! Bóim! Póim!
Buffalo moo Mooo! Muuu!
Thrown object; zipper Swat! Zip!
Air-cutting object Va-voom!
Large object colliding with another; burst Crash! Praaa!
Object passing fast in the air Vop!
Burning object; snake hiss Sssss! Ssss!
Broken object; falling trash Trash! Trá! Pra!
Dull thud Thud! Tum!
Knock, cut Zak! Vap!
Stoned in the head Zok! pof! tou!
Person or object falling into water Splash tchá! Chuá!
Water gun; splash Swish! Tchuf!
Fight Soc! Pow! Sock!
Fight; blow Whack! Pow!
Fall Bash! Ou bow
Falling hollow object Splop! Ploc! Ploct! Plop!
Drop in water; springboard jump Splait splash!
Tearing; cutting scissors Rip!
Reflection Hmmm hum…
Neigh Riiinch!
Laugh or laugh Ah! Ah! Ah!
Chuckle between teeth; contempt; open a drink bottle cap Tsk! Tss-tss!
Laughter of satisfaction He! He! He! Eh! Eh! Rê! Rê!
Laughter of satisfaction, laughter Ha! Ah! Ah!
Ridiculous laugh Ih! Ih! Ih! Ih!, ri! Ri! Ri!
Roar Roar! Rawww!
Gorilla roar Rawww! Grrr-ou!
Dumb object falling Klunk! Clunc! Plunc! Tlunc!
Satisfaction Hum!
Satisfaction; reflection; amazement, doubt; mind working Mmm! Huuum!
Arrow hiss Zing! Zim!
Radio tuning Bbrrzz!
Punch Pow! Pou!
Hiccup Eeek! Ic!
Surprise Uhn! Hã!
Sigh of tiredness or pain Oof! Ufa!
Affectionate pat Pat! Pat! Tap! Tap!
Shot Bang!
Revolver shot Bam!
Ringtone Trim! Trim! Prim!
Thunder Brrr booom!
Thunder or atomic bomb explosion Baroom! Baruuum!
Boo Hoot! Uuu!
Short bee flight; quick whisper; noise in the electric welding process Dzzzt! Bzzzt!
Buzzing object thrown; coup; zipper closing Zip! Vuup! Vap!

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