Family members in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will learn the names of family members in Portuguese and English. We recommend having a basic knowledge of the alphabet and pronouncing the English language to properly learn this vocabulary list. I hope you enjoy this content!

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Inglês
Grandfather Grandmother.
Grandparents Grandparents.
Grandfather Grandfather.
Great grandfather Great-grandmother.
Great grandfather Great-grandfather.
Sister in law Sister-in-law.
Brother in law Brother-in-law.
Wife Wife.
Husband Husband.
Daughter Daughter.
Son Son.
Children (Children) Children.
Sister Sister.
Brother Brother.
Stepmother Stepmother.
Godmother (Mother In God) Godmother.
Half sister. Halfsister.
Half Brother (Only by Father or Mother) Halfbrother.
Mother Mother.
In the law In-law.
Grand daugther Granddaughter.
grandson Grandson.
Grandchildren Grandchildren.
Stepfather Stepfather.
Godfather (Father In God) Godfather.
Dad Father.
Parents (Father and Mother) Parents.
Cousin Or Prima Cousin.
Niece Niece.
Nephew Nephew.
Mother-in-law (Mother in Law) Mother-in-law.
Father-in-law (Father In Law) Father-in-law.
Great-grandfather Great-great-grandmother.
Great-grandfather Great-great-grandfather.
Aunt Aunt.
Uncle Uncle.

Example sentences

Follow some example sentences to help your learning:

How old is your mother?
How old is your mother?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Do you have any brother or sister.

Where your grandparents live?
Where do your grandparents live?

Is your father married?
Is your father married?

I have a sister called Emilia.
I have a sister named Emilia.