Colors in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will see a list of colors in Portuguese and English! I hope you make good use of that list, and remember that the best way to memorize that vocabulary is to apply it in sentences.

We recommend that you have a basic knowledge of English pronunciation, you can follow the pronunciation using tools such as the Google translator's pronouncer.

English Color List

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
pumpkin pumpkin
Rainbow rainbow
sea ​​water aquamarine
greenish yellow green yellow.
yellow yellow
amber amber
plum plum
light blue light blue.
dark blue dark blue.
Navy blue navy blue.
oil blue teal
turquoise cyan
bright blue bright blue.
sky-blue azure
blue blue
beige beige
White white
carmim/carmesin crimson
light brown light brown.
dark brown dark brown.
brown brown
champagne champagne.
Grey gray
Gray grey ou gray.
clear light
Orange orange
pink pink
coral coral
Colors colors
dark dark
orange orange
magenta magenta
ivory ivory
Brown brown
ouro / dourado gold
silver silver
black black
purple purple
salmon salmon
light green light green.
dark green dark green.
bright green bright green.
Green-Lemon lime
green green
bright red bright red.
red red
wine burgundy
Violet violet

Idiomatic expressions

To better understand colors in Portuguese and English, it is necessary to know that there are primary, secondary colors, and that black is the combination of all colors and white is the absence of colors. It is important to know this to understand some expressions like Black Friday! The new Black! and others. The English language uses colors a lot to make expressions.

See examples:

  • Once in a blue moon #NULL!
  • Feel blue #NULL!
  • Red hot #NULL!
  • To be green #NULL!
  • White lie #NULL!
  • White wedding #NULL!