The best books to learn Korean

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Have you ever thought about learning the Korean language? In this article we will find the best books to learn Korean. Unfortunately, the internet is a little scarce when it comes to the Korean language, even with the popularity of Korean culture as popular K-Pop among young girls. Because of this, many want to learn Korean, but do not know how to start.

Buying a good book to learn Korean is the beginning. If you are in the habit of reading, it will be very easy to learn the Korean language through books. The books below are from the amazonBR website, one of the best sites to buy books in the world.

One of the best Korean books is the famous Speak Everything in Korean! Let's see some information about him below:

Speak Everything in Korean! - Volume 1 (+ CD)

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Autor Hee Lee Kim Sang
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Title Speak Everything in Korean! - Volume 1 (+ CD)

A comprehensive, practical and objective Conversation Guide that brings together essential and recurring phrases and dialogues from everyday conversation. It houses 61 situational dialogues that cover topics ranging from renting a car, going out for fun, doing a job interview to using computers and dating. Sections such as key phrases, active vocabulary, grammar reference guide and cultural tips enrich the content. Accompanies a CD with 61 varied dialogues in Korean.

Of course, this is just a small book, there are many others with different teaching methods. Our list of books has some interesting options for K-pop fans. There are also children's books with random stories.

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Korean learning books

There are few materials related to the Korean language. Below we will leave the few Korean books that exist. If you want to download our free handouts and stay alert for a future complete Korean course, just sign up on our website at the side menu or at the end of the article.

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Videos with tips on the Korean language

Another tip for you who want to learn Korean, just follow some interesting YouTube channels. Below I will leave some videos for you to see tips on how to learn Korean.

Tips! Studying Korean at Home!


5 tips for those who want to learn Korean