Plants in Portuguese and English (+ trees and flowers)

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In this article we will see a complete list of plants in Portuguese and English, as well as some trees, flowers and related expressions in Portuguese and English. I hope you make good use of this vocabulary list.

We recommend using the page finder (CTRL + F) to find the words you want. This list of plants in Portuguese and English is in alphabetical order and can be confusing due to the mixture of flowers and trees.

We recommend using anki or other memorization tools to have good results with this list of plants in Portuguese and English. We do not recommend learning English with isolated wordsBut you can create sentences with the list below.

Plantas em Inglês (+ árvores e flores)

Plants in Portuguese and English

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese English
fir fir
tree tree
Rosemary rosemary
plum tree plum tree
alder alder
Bush bush / shrub
rue rue / herb grace
hazel hazel
azalea azalea
holly holly
saffron turmeric
board maple
bromeliad bromeliads
birch birch
cinnamon cinnamon
Oak oak
Oak oak
chestnut chestnut tree
chestnut horse chestnut tree
stalk stem
onion onion
chive green onion
cedar cedar
Cherry tree cherry tree
crybaby weeping willow
poplar poplar
cilantro cilantro
paprika red spice mix
cumin cumin
coconut tree coconut tree
carnation clove
herb herb
fine herbs fine herbs
hawthorn hawthorn
beech beech
FIG tree fig tree
bay leaf bay leaves
ash ash
ginger ginger
geranium geranium
sunflower sunflower
grass grass
lily lily
Apple tree apple tree
basil basil
daisy daisy
Melissa melissa
moss moss
nutmeg nutmeg
Oliveira olive tree
elm elm
Orchid orchid
oregano oregano
poppy poppy
pear tree pear tree
Pine pine
Pine pine tree
plant plant
maple plane
paprika paprika
pink rose
Willow tree willow
parsley parsley
fern fern
sequoia sequoia
sycamore sycamore
yew yew
tulip tulip
linden tree lime
Violet violet
water-lily waterlily