Conjugation of the verb to be present in German

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Olá leitores do aprender palavras, hoje vamos aprender um ponto importante no aprendizado que é a conjugação dos verbos, e escolhemos o verbo “SER/ESTAR” em alemão. Preparado para Aprender Alemão?

If you are learning German, you are certainly surprised that they use the same verb to refer to being and being, this is not only in German, it also applies to other languages ​​such as English (verb to be), something that is very worthwhile. worth remembering is that the German language has regular verbs, that is, the verb does not undergo variation in its stem, and irregular ones, that is, suffers variation in the stem, the verb Sein is irregular, and we will consider it in the present.

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Verb Sein present

  • ich bin = Eu sou/estou
  • du bist = Tu és/está
  • er/sie/es ist = Ele/Ela/ Isto é/está
  • wir sind = Nós somos/estamos
  • ihr seid = vocês são/estão (informal)
  • Sie/Sie sind = Eles/ Elas/Vocês são/estão (sie usado para VOCÊ formal)


  • Ich bin Brasilianer (M) Brasilianerin (F) = I am Brazilian
  • Du bist müde = You are tired.
  • Sie sind müde = You are tired.
  • wir sind glücklich? = Are we happy?
  • Ihr seid Deutsche = You are German.
  • Ich bin in Deutschland = I'm in Germany
  • Sie sind in Frankreich = You are in France
  • Sie sind verheiratet = They are married.