How to keep the mood in studying a language?

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Hello readers of Aprender Palavras, something that I am sure you will all agree with and even identify with is that many of us, however much we love languages, feel discouraged and discouraged to study. The big question that remains is: “How do you keep your focus and spirit?

Take it easy

That subtitle seems kind of silly right? but not! to take it easy is to understand that you will not become fluent overnight, nor will you be able to read a biography or a fiction book with a week of study, understanding or identifying us where we are or what our level is important to not get discouraged in case we are really wanting to understand a song, a text or even that “indirect” that the person you like launched on the social network or that you release to him, either through a song or through a text or text. UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE STARTING.

It approaches in other ways

This is something I like, using only the material you use will not be enough if you only contact the language once a week, you approach the language DAILY, which through a flash card APP, either by through a vocabulary APP, Conversation, either by language groups on Whatsapp, or making fun of your friends by sending a voice or written message to them (yes I do that), or listening to a song in the language you are learning, reading a newspaper online in the language, recipes, about gossip in the language, or even reading the bible or the holy book of your belief in the language you are learning. It works? I know a teacher who is hyperpolyglot, he is learning Cape Verdean Creole (also called Cape Verdean) he usually reads articles of all kinds in the languages ​​he learns, I recently saw on the timeline that he had enjoyed a building materials store there Cape Verde on Facebook, this will certainly help him in learning the language, in addition to acquiring vocabulary, how about trying the same? even if you don't understand much, but make an effort to keep in touch with the language.


This is still characterized by the above theme, but listening is very important, but listening to what? how about conversation? or podcast teaching what you already know? or even new phrases? have you also thought about downloading radios in the languages ​​you are learning? or audiobooks? the possibilities and options are many, just choose!


Writing is an excellent tool to memorize and use what you are learning, write phrases, make tables, do the exercises in your book, handout or app in the notebook, buy a new notebook, use colors to highlight, draw, be creative and write.

Take a rest

Nobody is made of iron! so always rest from books, apps, school, yes rest, BUT don't abandon a language. How to do this? well are you going to the beach? good rest, in fact you know how to say good rest in the language you are learning? or how do you say beach? what's on the beach? describe it in your mind in the language you are learning, doing this will force your mind to contact the language, if you don't remember everything, don't be discouraged, the important thing is that you are in contact with the language.

If you apply the tips given here, your learning will not be in vain and your discouragement will surely go away!