Colors in Spanish


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Hello readers of Learn words, in this article we will increase our vocabulary in Spanish by knowing some colors and some idioms in which they fit well, they will enrich our Spanish, making it more attractive to those who listen to us.

Colors in Spanish

Portuguese Spanish
Rainbow Rainbow
Yellow Amarillo
Plum Ciruela
Light blue Light blue
Dark blue Dark Blue
Navy blue Navy Blue
Blue oil Oil Blue
Turquoise Turquoise
Sky-blue Sky Blue or Sky Blue
Blue Blue
Beige Beige
White Blanco
Carmim/Carmesim Crimson
light brown Castaño Claro
dark brown Castaño Oscuro
Brown Castaño
Grey Gris
Gray Gris
clear Claire
Orange Naranja
Pink pink
Coral Coral
Colors Colores
Dark Dark
Orange Naranja
Magenta Magenta
Ivory Marfil
Brown Brown
Ouro / Dourado Oro, Dorado
Silver Plata
black Black
Purple Address
Light green Light green
Dark green Dark Green
Green-Lemon Lemon green
Green Green
Bright red Live red
Red Rojo
Wine Vino
Violet Violet

Color idioms

Being sin white: No money

Example in sentence:
I lost my job and I'm not white

See it all black: Being a pesimist

Example in sentence:
In the solution to my problems, I see you all very black

Ponerse abode: Eat a lot, llenarse

Example in sentence:
Ayer we ate in the house of my priests and we moved in

Poner green to someone: Hablar mal de otra persona

Example in sentence:
Lucia is very critical. Green pone all over the world

El prince blue: The ideal man, your man

Example in sentence:
Renato is my blue prince. Es perfecto

Other expressions

Orange media: You look ideal, you soul twin in love.

Pink press: Press that talks about the private life of the famous.

A brown: Things that turn out to be very annoying. In Spain that says “Eat a brown!”That is used when someone reproaches him in a very violent way for something that has gone what hasn't.

Green joke: Jokes that deal with sexual Project Ideas.

Verlo all color pink: Verlo all overly well, optimistically.


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