French Colors

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Hello friends of Aprender Palavras, today we are going to learn some colors in French, and how they can help us improve our vocabulary through a few sentences.

French color list

Portuguese Francês
Rainbow Arc-en-ciel
yellow Jaune
plum Prune
light blue Bleu claire
dark blue Bleu foncé
Navy blue Bleu marine
oil blue Bleu canard
turquoise turquoise
sky-blue Bleu Celeste
blue Blue
beige beige
White Blanc
carmim/carmesim Cramoisi
light brown Brun claire
dark brown Brun foncé
brown Brun
Grey Gris
Gray Gris
clear Claire
Orange Orange
pink Rose
coral Corail
Colors Couleurs
dark Foncé
orange orange
magenta Magenta ou Fuchsia
ivory Ivoire
Brown Brun
ouro / dourado Or
silver Argent
black Noir
purple Pourpre
light green Vert claire
dark green Vert foncé
Green-Lemon Vert lime
green Vert
bright red rouge vif
red Rouge
wine Vin
Violet violet

Color idioms

To better understand colors in French, it is necessary to know that there are primary and secondary colors, and that black is the combination of all colors and white is the absence of colors, we do not address all colors, but knowing these colors will help in your vocabulary. The French language uses colors a lot to make expressions, let's see some:

Avoir une peur bleue - Being very afraid

Le grand bleu - expression to refer to the Ocean

Yeux bleus - Loving eyes (loving eyes)

Voir la vie en rose - Look at the bright side of life

Broyer du noir - Being depressed

Être vert de jalousie - Being very jealous (being green with jealousy)

Être noir de monde - It refers to a crowded place.

Avoir la main verte -  People who find it easy to grow plants and vegetables (Have a green hand)

Être dans le rouge - Being in the red, having financial problems

Travailler au noir - Illegal work

Être vert (e) de rage - Be angry

Être rouge comme une tomato - Red as a tomato (embarrassed)