Discover the 5 best languages to learn in 2021

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study new languages, in addition to those you already use and know, it is always a good opportunity to gain experience in the study area, and provide opportunities in a professional environment, one of the most important points of this practice in general.

It turns out that, whenever we leave our context, and understand another, another country or another culture, we can have greater knowledge about what is said in these places, and also the information that is passed on to us through dialogue.

Nowadays we can see the presence of languages in:

  • Social networks;
  • Films;
  • Books;
  • Chat forums;
  • Within the working environment.

In this way, we can understand that we are totally surrounded by dialects and languages different from ours, and knowing this can be something intellectually powerful.

In the text below, we will show some of the main benefits of this learning process, and also point out the main languages for you to study in 2021.

Conheça os 5 melhores idiomas para aprender em 2021

What are the benefits of learning new languages?

It may not seem like it, but the simple fact of learning a new language can provide numerous advantages for you and your family, being essential for some areas of your life, such as studies, professional and even in your interpersonal relationships.

Below, we will understand a little more about everything that can be considered positive in learning a new language in different aspects:

Opens learning possibilities

By knowing a language different from the one used in your country of origin, you will be much more open to different knowledge, from other points of view, sources and even locations different from yours, enabling a sea of learning out of the ordinary.

For example, we can see this within the academic area, where university students and masters have access to articles in English on their subject of study.

Know a second language and obtain study materials in that format through internet equipment it can be essential for you to have more information, enriching your learning and incorporating more coverage on the subject.

makes you meet new people

Conversation is the basis of communication between two people, and although it is not impossible, it is important to know how to speak the same language as the third party so that an exchange can take place.

With another language in your day-to-day reality, especially when traveling, you can have the opportunity to meet new people, talk to them about oriental style wallpaper, for example, and having a relationship that adds something.

Although today there are technologies that allow greater access to applications and websites for conversations with foreigners, almost all require a common language.

Increase your professional opportunities

A second language is almost mandatory in all job openings today, so it is essential that you invest in a new language study to be able to adapt to this demand and also obtain for yourself the advantages of language study.

In a brief online search of job-specific sites, you can see that the opportunities for those with one language or another are in the majority, which draws attention.

In addition, having a second language can bring experiences in other countries, such as corporate events company, something that is not always common to find out there. 

Provides a better textual understanding

When we learn a new language, we can access other forms of textual constructions, understanding the roots of many of the words we know in Portuguese.

For example, Greek was used to create different languages, and through it we were able to understand word stems and know the approximate meaning of many others in our language and different languages, such as English and Italian.

Within a company of industrial lighting, for example, although there is not so much proximity to different textual forms, we can better understand which words to use or not.

Makes you more able to memorize lessons

The study of a language almost always happens through the repetition of words, reading the lyrics of songs and interpreting speeches in movies, and all these questions work in our minds with a high performance of memorization, which is interesting.

Thus, we can have a greater advantage when studying other disciplines, even from the academic area, where in-depth readings are required for writing materials.

Everything is even more in evidence when children and teenagers study languages, since they are in a learning phase, and they manage to have an easiness to recognize new words, sentences, besides writing much better in this phase of life.

Conheça os 5 melhores idiomas para aprender em 2021

5 languages to invest in your studies in 2021

Below are some languages and curiosities about them that can encourage you to learn them this year. See the one that catches your attention and, when in doubt, invest in a course or separate classes on the internet about a language other than your original language.

1 - English

English is considered a universal language, spoken mainly in South American countries, such as the United States and Canada, and also in a large part of the United Kingdom, although mixed with other languages that are part of the history of these countries.

Because it is something so used, it is quite common that a large part of the information, materials, books and audiovisual productions available use this language as a communication front.

Therefore, understanding English, knowing how to write it and being able to communicate is more than important for people to have knowledge beyond their countries, understanding and talking to other people about acoustic treatment.

2 – Spanish

Spanish is spoken in many countries, mainly in Europe and in Central and South America, which makes this language one of the most necessary when we think of Brazil.

Despite having some terms similar to Portuguese, his learning will show an even greater bridge for words, sentences and interjections that dictate communications in the main republics around the world, contributing to dialogues with our hermanos.

The migrations of Spanish speakers, mainly to countries like the United States and Brazil, made the language second in these places, among studies.

3 – Mandarin

One of the most difficult languages to learn is also the most spoken worldwide, totaling 60 million people across the globe. Its forms of presentation are given by common writing and dialect, which conveys an interesting ancestry.

The country with the largest speakers, China, is one of the great world powers, and for that reason, to industrial automation companies and from other sectors, it is an essential language.

In addition, Mandarin is a great job opportunity, since, at least in Brazil, many entrepreneurs and large companies are from places where the language is spoken, and they always need people to work with them in these businesses. 

4 – French

French is known as the most charming language in the world, something that has been popularized both for its audiovisual productions and for its rich literature around the world.

This language, spoken in about 30 countries, is one of the easiest to learn, and highly important, as in many places speakers only communicate through it, which can help you find information about a location on a journey that will make.

for those who work with tax and tax consultancy, for example, this is an interesting opportunity to keep in touch with companies and branches in different places of activity.

5 – Italian

You've probably already listened to some music in Portuguese, especially the older ones, which are inspired by Italian songs, adding a culture underneath the other, without many people knowing, which is interesting to investigate.

In Italy, the cradle of the use of this language, residents also use dialects, which makes this one of the forms of local communication, even outside that country.

Many SP logistics companies and other fields of activity have Italian as founders, something that makes this language one of the principles for Brazilians, because in addition, we have a strong Italian culture in our daily lives, going far beyond the mass.

Conheça os 5 melhores idiomas para aprender em 2021

Final considerations

Learning a new language is an opportunity for learning as well as broad communication, which should always be invested and used to the full, by all ages, from children to adults who nowadays work to pay for their private courses.

Understanding a language other than Portuguese is a chance for you to discover other places, talk to different people and have access to important materials.

Finally, understanding a new language can open both academic and professional doors, making it a highly important practice for all Brazilians.

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