257 Computer Science - Undergraduate degree

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In this text we will share a list with hundreds of Project Ideas for Thesiss and Capstones of Informatics. The list also presents Project Ideas for other academic works such as file forms, abstracts, scientific article, reviews and many others. I wish you to make good use of this list of Project Ideas for IT training work.

The choice of the subject of Informatics is the most important thing that the student needs to take for a better development of Academic Work, which ends up culminating in a lot of anguish and insecurities.

Among the dozens of choices of Project Ideas for Academic Work, a good choice will allow the trainee to elaborate his Research Paper with much more fluidity and less stress.

Before showing the list of topics for the Capstone and Computer Thesis, I intend to share tips to help your Thesis. We also recommend seeing our article on: Administration Capstone and Theses Project Ideas

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Informática

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Informática

Tips for Academic IT Jobs

See now tips for creating your academic computer work, great tips for your Capstone or Thesis:

  • If you already work or know where you want to work, search through topics related to your area of ​​expertise. You need to have compatibility with the theme;
  • Also think about the research source, make sure that there is enough reference material for this theme of Capstone;
  • Consult your Tutor - It is important that the teacher advisor agrees with the theme;

Follow the video below to see some advice on choosing the topic of your academic work:

For other Tips on how to do a better Capstone, we recommend the Capstone without Drama!

The Suggestions below can help you create a better Job:

  • Don't even think about using the first person in the text;
  • direct and use only the important, avoiding adverbs;
  • Be careful not to repeat the same words over and over, use synonyms;
  • Do not use winding forms: the writing must be clear;
  • Don't forget the important data: Sample it whenever possible;
Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Informática

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List of Project Ideas for Thesis and Computer Science Course

See below some Project Ideas for the elaboration of academic works such as Thesis and Capstone of Informatics:

  1. Perceptions of the Company Manager on the Importance of Programs
  2. Software Quality
  3. The Composition of User Experience
  4. User Experience on Social Networks: An Analysis of the Experience of Senior Citizens
  5. The Optical Fiber
  6. IT Governance in Small and Medium Enterprises in Quixadá-ce: Analysis of Their Maturity Levels in Cobit
  7. The History of the Internet
  8. The History of the Database
  9. The Image in the Digital Age
  10. The Importance of Computer Technicians for Companies
  11. The Importance of User Experience for Customer Loyalty in an Online Store
  12. The Importance of User Experience for a Product's Success
  13. The Importance of the Management Information System
  14. The Importance of Computer Technicians in Nursing Homes
  15. The Importance of Information Systems
  16. The Importance of Management Information Systems for a Small Family Business: A Case Study
  17. The Influence of User Experience on the Checkout Process
  18. The Influence of Usability and Design on User Experience: A Case Study on Site X
  19. The Influence of Colors on the Usability of Interfaces Through Design Centered on Cultural User Behavior
  20. The Need for Discipline Creation
  21. The Need To Explore The Creative Capacity Of Software Companies
  22. The Relevance of Ux Design in Qualifying User Relationships with Web Interfaces
  23. Technology in Business Management and Information System Adaptation
  24. The Use of User-Centered Design in Software Development Processes in Brazilian Public Institutions
  25. Web Accessibility for the Visually Impaired with Low Vision: Developing a Guide to Support Developers
  26. Active Directory About Samba
  27. Adaptation of an Intrusion Detection System Based on Artificial Immune System
  28. Adaptation of the Scrum Framework in Initial Disciplines of Integrated Design of the Digital Design Course
  29. Aestimatio
  30. Genetic Algorithms In Electronic Games
  31. Strategic Business Alignment for a Small Software Company
  32. Solidarity Transport Scheduling Environment
  33. Supporting Environment for Collaboration and Evaluation in the Use of Educational Games
  34. Secure IoT Communication Environment Using Mqtt And Tls
  35. Digital Tv Gadgets Environment
  36. Analyzing Ctfaihm Functionalities: Sisggestion - A New Solution Proposal for Municipal Hospital Management
  37. Analysis and Development of a Sales System for Skin Modas
  38. Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Requirement Artifacts on the Software Development Process
  39. Analysis of Cost Accounting in Software Development Projects in Small Information Technology Companies
  40. Analysis of Smartphone User Experience in O Globo Notícias and Folha de S. Paulo Applications
  41. Analysis of Security and Tools on the Android Platform
  42. Analysis of Taxpayers' Active Debts
  43. Twitter Data Analysis for Interpreting Mobile Object Trajectories
  44. Analysis of Strategic Factors in the Implementation of an Information System: A Case Study
  45. Analysis of Data Integration Tools: A Case Study Based on the Pentaho Data Integration Tool
  46. Analysis Tools for Software Requirements Management
  47. Analysis of Network Security Tools
  48. Opportunity Grid Middleware Analysis for Corporate and Educational Environments
  49. Social Network Analysis Applied To Tv Series Tweets
  50. Runtime Sensitivity Analysis of Cardinality Filter Accelerated Top-k Algorithm
  51. Analysis of Software for Generation of Child Growth Charts
  52. Usability Analysis in E-commerce
  53. Analysis of the Mobile Context in the Usability Testing of Mobile Applications
  54. Analysis of the Development Process and Support for Software Services in Passo Fundo Companies
  55. Analysis and Development of a Crm System for Vehicle Dealers
  56. Analysis and Development of a Health Care Management System Web
  57. Analysis of the Experience of Accessing and Using Government Social Networking Sites
  58. Application of Probabilistic Approaches on Mobile Devices for Pedestrian Safety
  59. Applying a Usability Case Study to a Website
  60. Ardhouse: Control of Domestic Loads and Measurement of Electric Current with Arduino (Research Paper)
  61. Ubiquitous Architecture For Residential Environments
  62. The Steps of Optimizing User Experience
  63. Digital signature
  64. Health Systems Auditing
  65. Assessing the Usability of Ubiquitous Systems: A Study on Beacons
  66. Evaluation of Communicability in a Hospital System Prototype
  67. Evaluation of Communicability in the Virtual Moodle Learning Environment: A Case Study
  68. Evaluation of the Reliability of Simulators for the Consumption of Data on the Mobile Internet
  69. User Experience Evaluation: A Systematization Proposal for the Product Development Process
  70. Accessibility Assessment of Web Systems Targeting People in the Elderly
  71. Usability Evaluation of Students Module of the Integrated System of Academic Activity Management-Sigaa
  72. Ecommerce Usability Assessment Case Study
  73. Usability Evaluation in E-commerce: Analysis from the Perspective of a Conventional User
  74. Bachelor of Computer Science - Framework Codeigniter
  75. Distributed Database
  76. Blockchain As Alternative To Authentication And Access Control In Internet Of Things
  77. Brailer, Text Converter for Braille on Arduino
  78. Automatic Classification Of Music Genres Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
  79. Veterinary clinic
  80. How User Experience Can Add Value To A Product
  81. How Educational Software for Mathematics Teaching is being Evaluated: A Systematic Literature Review
  82. Comparison of Data Communication on Mobile Devices: Web Services and Sockets
  83. Comparison Between Relational And Non-Relational Database, Market Use
  84. Cloud computing
  85. Electronic Commerce - Best Price System For Pharmacies
  86. E-Commerce For Mobile Platform
  87. Technical Consultancy in Acquisition of Computer Equipment for Mine and Small Businesses
  88. Counting Vehicles On The Road Through Traffic Images
  89. Contract Net In Collaborative Systems: An Application On Wikipedia
  90. Creation In Information Systems
  91. Computer Crimes
  92. Cryptography
  93. Cryptography In Sql Server 2008 Database
  94. Csdc - A Sql Script Conversion Tool To Uml Class Diagram
  95. Medical Calculations: An Android Application for Calculating Health Indicators
  96. Prodan Software for Decision Making
  97. Data and Information
  98. Designing A Computer Security System For A Company
  99. Developing a Hybrid Application for Creating and Communicating Events at a University
  100. Mobile Application Development with Case Study for Clinically Aesthetically
  101. Development of Ria Applications with Javafx
  102. Development of Tool Components in Unityd Game Engine
  103. Development of Usability Heuristics for Tablets
  104. Two-Dimensional Digital Game Development for Android Architecture
  105. Development of online electronic games in real time, for multiple players and multiplatforms
  106. Game Development For The Android Platform Using Corona Sdk
  107. Software Development: Culture Transition In Companies
  108. Development of an application for the control of material loans at Ifsul Campus Passo Fundo, applying the concept of responsive web design
  109. Development of a Restaurant Location and Evaluation System
  110. Developing Football Championships Management Software
  111. Development of an interactive application for data visualization and analysis
  112. Development and Evaluation of an App Able to Interactively Manage Places of Interest
  113. Management Information System Software
  114. Econodrive: Automotive Onboard Computer On Ios Mobile Platform
  115. Education and Technologies: Teacher Education and Use of the Computer Room
  116. Elements for Software Quality Improvement
  117. Email Marketing With Java And Angular Using Amazon Service
  118. Computer and Telecommunications Engineering - The Importance of a Computer Technician in Companies
  119. Distance Learning, A Training Proposal For Educators To Promote Traffic Education
  120. Programming Teaching With The Assistance Of Intelligent Tutoring Systems And Ontologies
  121. Study of Software Engineering and Development of a System to Support Processes for the Use of Disciplines at Ifsul-campus Passo Fundo
  122. Estudo Da Tecnologia Phonegap/cordova E A Aplicacì§aìƒo Em Um Estudo De Caso
  123. Study of Push Technology on the Android Platform
  124. Near Fiel Communication Technology Case Study on the Android Platform
  125. Study of Techniques and Processes Regarding the Development of Multiplatform Electronic Games
  126. Estudo De Viabilidade De Virtualização Em Uma Infraestrutura Com Custo/benefício
  127. Use Case Study and Development with Angularjs Framework
  128. Study and Development of Internet Games Using Unity 3d
  129. Anticipated Experience: The Influence of the Brand Image on the Relationship of Users with the Spotify Mobile App
  130. User Experience: Analysis and Application of Assessment Methods
  131. User Experience: Principles and Methods
  132. Web Search Tool That Uses User Feedback
  133. Geolocation With Android
  134. Indoor Geolocation: A Case Study Using Rfid on the Arduino Platform
  135. Generation of Timetables for Work Scales Using Genetic Algorithms
  136. Generate dozens of theme Project Ideas for information systems Research Paper
  137. Financial Management - The Age of Technology and Electronic Waste
  138. Financial Management - Information System as Support to Decision Making
  139. Governance In You
  140. Gross: A Framework for Experimenting and Teaching Operating Systems Management
  141. High Availability Firewall Implementation Through Pfsense
  142. Biomedical Informatics - Study of Techniques for Extracting Characteristics from Images Aiming to Aid the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer According to the Bi-rads Standard
  143. Informatics With Emphasis In Financial Management - Analysis Of The Efficiency Of Existing Biometric Systems To Control Access To The Fatec Library Collection - Jahu
  144. Informatics And Telecommunications - I would like your suggestion
  145. Instrumental Informatics - Professor E Tecnologia
  146. Instrumental Informatics Ufrgs - How to Prevent Security Problems in Social Networks in the Initial Series
  147. Informatics in Education - Virtual Behavior
  148. Informatics in Education - The Teacher and Technology
  149. Computer Science for Business Management - Financial Management in a Gym
  150. Computer Science for Business Management - Digital Inclusion and Digital Training
  151. Internet Computing - Terapiaweb
  152. Business Computing - Web Capacity Plan
  153. Systems integration
  154. Interaction with Physically Simulated Character Using Motion Capture with Kinect Sensor
  155. Interaction with a Physically Simulated Character Using Computer Vision and Augmented Reality
  156. Human Computer Interaction
  157. Computer Science Degree - Computer Teacher Internship
  158. Computer-Based Digital Whiteboard
  159. Computer Maintenance And Support - Technical Assistance Proposal
  160. Mar - Network Alarm Monitor (Android version)
  161. User Experience Measure: Questionnaire Design Focused For News Websites
  162. Quality Process Improvement: A Case Study
  163. Text Mining: Sentiment Analysis Using Tweets Regarding Presidential Elections
  164. Dynamic Dns Software Modeling And Implementation
  165. Bi Model Using Ontologies
  166. End of Course Thesis
  167. Move: Mobile Sales Support App
  168. My Flashcards: Multiplatform Application To Aid In Studies Using Flashcards
  169. My Money: A Solution for Personal Financial Control on Mobile Platforms
  170. Need to Explore the Creative Capacity of Software Companies
  171. The Text Editor
  172. The Impact of Digital Advertising on User Experience
  173. The Professional
  174. The Internet Search Program
  175. The Use of Business Intelligence in Loyalty Marketing in Clothing Stores
  176. The Use of Facebook Fanpage as a Digital Marketing Tool
  177. The Use of AI for Procedural Creation of Spatial Content in Games
  178. Business Pedagogy And Informatics In Education - Develop Educational Material For Companies.
  179. Planning and Developing a Machine Shop Management System
  180. Planning and Execution of the Usability Evaluation of the Mobile App “Keeping an Eye on the City”
  181. Filling Playlists Using Recommendation System Techniques Based On Collaborative Filtering
  182. Design and Implementation Using Doctrine and Rest Technologies
  183. Project: Informatics in the Palm of the Hand.
  184. Model Proposal and Business Process Automation for E-commerce.
  185. Proposal for a User Interaction Model Based on Metaphors for Case Tools
  186. Proposal for a New Standardized Questionnaire to Measure User System Software Satisfaction
  187. Proposal for an Ontology Applied to Level G of the Mps-sw
  188. Proposal and Implementation of a Wlan Wireless Network for a Left Company
  189. Methodological Proposal for Teaching Html
  190. Software Quality
  191. Body Movement Recognition Using Neural Networks
  192. Information Recovery
  193. Social Network for Research and Creation of Collaborative Projects
  194. 3G networks
  195. Wireless Networks
  196. Remastering A Custom Version.
  197. Ritmusic: An electronic game to support the teaching of rhythm
  198. Security in Web Systems: An Analysis of the Pdo Extension as a Way to Protect Php Systems Against Sql Injections
  199. Ipv6 Security: Ndp Spoofing Attack Interception And Neutralization
  200. Network Security
  201. Data Transmission Security
  202. Selecting A Set Of Educational Artifacts For Teaching Introductory Programming
  203. Sigeris - Building Infrastructure Network Management System
  204. Automated Control And Monitoring System For Residential Environments
  205. School Lunch Tracking System
  206. Customer Service System Using Webrtc Technology
  207. Sports Resource Management System
  208. Management and Maintenance System
  209. Management system
  210. Information Systems In Companies
  211. Information System at the Navy Technological Center
  212. Cattle Behavior Monitoring and Analysis System
  213. Mobile Tour Control System
  214. Lowest Price Online Research And Purchase System
  215. Mobile Web System For Event Control
  216. Information Systems as a Support Tool for Financial Marketing
  217. Ids and Ips Systems - Study and Application of Open Source Tool in Linux Environment
  218. Free software
  219. Support for Application Development Instructional Unit with Ux Design Techniques for Basic Education
  220. Computer Maintenance And Maintenance Support - The Importance Of A Computer Technician In Companies
  221. Sysadmin: Home Administration System Emiliano Lopes
  222. Research Paper Computers
  223. Tec. Informatics - The Importance of a Computer Technician in Companies
  224. Adsl technology
  225. Educational Technology: Challenges for the 21st Century Teacher
  226. Information Technologies
  227. Computer Technologist - Information Technology Development in the Brazilian Market
  228. Ufoqx: Developing A D Game For Android Platform
  229. A Collaborative Environment for Sharing Computing Teaching and Learning Experiences
  230. An Environment For Teaching Software Testing Activities
  231. A Comparative Study Between Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification
  232. A Case Study on Structured Cabling in a Hospital Environment
  233. An Experimental Study of Reverse Engineering Tools Applied to Software Vulnerabilities
  234. An Experimental And Comparative Study Of The Node.js Platform
  235. A Study on the Evolution of the Linear Bar Code to the Qr Code and Its Application in a Case Study
  236. A Guide to Application Security Analysis on the Android Platform
  237. A Guideline for Ubiquitous Task-Oriented Software Development
  238. An Instrument for Users to Assess the Interaction of Computer Systems
  239. A Process for the Development of Open Multiagent Systems Using the Institutional Environments Framework Based on the Gaia Methodology
  240. A (Re) Vision of the User Experience Concept: Experience as Narrative
  241. An Approach To Objective-c Language Through The Development Of A Case Study
  242. A Scrum Analysis
  243. An Analysis Using Data Mining For Inference Associated With The El Niño, La Niña And Neutral Years Phenomena
  244. An Application for Semantic Enrichment of Trajectories Using Stop Detection Algorithms
  245. A Tool for Qualitative Risk Assessment in IT Projects: Case Study
  246. A Tool For Automating The Shared Decision Making Process In Companies That Adopt Information Technology Governance
  247. A Tool for Monitoring Cloud Database Systems
  248. A Methodology for the Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks and Cloud Computing
  249. A Systematic Review of Collaborative Tools in Software Development
  250. A Semiotic View of User Experience
  251. Software Usability Applied to Seniors
  252. User Experience And User Interface: Inseparable Friends, But Different
  253. User Experience: How to Use Design to Improve User Lives
  254. Use of Technologies to Aid Learning
  255. Wireless - Vulnerability Analysis In Wireless Computer Networks
  256. Wxdc: A Tool for Imposing and Validating Integrity Restrictions Based on the Xdcl Language
  257. Emphasis on Industrial Production Management - Web Marketing
Os melhores temas para TCC e Monografia de Informática

Structure Rules for Computer Science - Undergraduate degree

The structure of the Informatics Capstone must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Computer Science Course Cover (Required)
    2. Spine of the Computer Science Course (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual elements of the Research Paper
    1. Research Paper Cover Page (Required)
    1. Work Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Dedication of the Research Paper (Optional)
    4. Agradecimentos do assunto (Opcional)
    5. Epígrafe do TCC (Opcional)
    6. Summary in the final language of the Research Paper (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. Lista de Ilustrações do trabalho (Opcional)
    9. List of Subject Tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Subject Symbols (Optional)
    12. Theme summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Desenvolvimento da monografia (Obrigatório)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Referências da monografia (Exigido)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)